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#162 – Spanish for Elementary School Teachers – Classroom Vocabulary

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Spanish for Elementary School Teachers – Classroom vocabulary

Learn Spanish vocabulary around the classroom









Post 162/365
Es lunes, el 4 de septiembre de 2017 – Feliz Día Laboral

Hello and welcome to Spanish Blog 365 where we are getting you to the excitement of conversation faster!


Mondays are workplace Spanish days where we explore a different career and learn key industry vocabulary.
Even if you don’t work in this field you will probably find words and phrases that will apply to other areas of your life…so keep reading!

Last Monday we did a Post on phrases for the classroom.  Then 2 weeks ago we did vocabulary building around education in general – from preschool to higher education.


Today here are some great words for the classroom or anyone around young children.


Spanish classroom vocabulary



Alrededor de tu cuarto – around your room

Los juguetes – toys                                bloques – blocks

muñecas/ muñequitas – dolls              carros – cars

trokas – trucks                                       camionetas – trucks/ pick-up trucks

una pelota – ball (smaller than a balón) balón – ball

un juego de video – video games          tijeras – scissors

un marcador – a marker                         papel de construir – construction paper

borradores – erasers (for whiteboard)   creyones o ceras – crayons

lápices – pencils                                      pegamento – glue

libro – book                                             rompecabeza – puzzle



– Shapes in Spanish


cubo – cube                                           cuadrado – square

rectángulo                 triángulo                   círculo



Es tu turno – It’s your turn                 Te toca – It’s your turn

Qué tengas una buena noche – Have a good night

¿Qué tal estuvo tu fin de semana? –  How was your weekend?

¿Cómo fue tu fin de semana? – How was your weekend?

¿Qué hiciste? – What did you do?



Agárrate un libro o un rompecabezas, por favor – Get a book or puzzle, please.

Esos se quedan en la mesa, por favor – Those stay at the table, please.




Los colores – colors in Spanish

¿De qué color es…?                                       What color is …?

azul – blue                                                      rojo – red

morado – purple                                             amarillo – yellow

anaranjado – orange                                      verde – green

negro – black                                                  blanco – white

rosado/rosa – pink                                         marrón – brown         gris – grey



Prendas de vestir – Articles of clothing

¿Dónde está tu chamarra?
¿Dónde están tus guantes?

camisa – shirt                                                camiseta – t-shirt

pantalones – pants                                         chaqueta – jacket

chamarra – jacket                                          sudadera – sweatshirt

suéter – sweater                                             guantes – gloves

gorra – hat                                                      zapatos – shoes

botas – boots



Action Steps: In your Spanish Blog 365 Journal jot down words and phrases that you can use.
Keeping them in categories as we have here can really help.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing. I’d love to hear from you!

Tomorrow we’ll start a whole new series!

Hasta mañana,