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#155 – Commands in Spanish for Teachers and Parents

Corporate Spanish Trainer

Commands in Spanish for Teachers and Parents

Learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish-speaking students in school

Post 155/365
Lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017


Hello and welcome to Spanish Blog 365 where we are getting you to the excitement of conversation faster!



Mondays are workplace Spanish days where we explore a different career and learn key industry vocabulary.
Even if you don’t work in this field you will probably find words and phrases that will apply to other areas of your life…so keep reading!


Last Monday I posted on Education:
21 de agosto – Spanish for Teachers



Today we’ll do commands that are common in school that teachers use and these can also apply at home or in other work situations.

Notice the slight difference between talking to 2 or more students or talking to an individual.

Commands in Spanish


When talking to a group                                         When talking to an individual

Pasen – Come in                                                        Pasa – Come in

Siéntense – sit down                                                  Siéntate – sit down

Levántense – stand up                                               Levántate – stand up

Levántense la mano – Raise your hand                    Levántate la mano– raise your hand

Abran el libro… – open your book                           Abre el libro… – open your book

…a la página 297 – to page 297

Cierren los libros  – close your books                      Cierra el libro  – close your books

Escuchen – listen                                                       Escucha – listen

Presten atención – Pay attention                              Presta atención – Pay attention

Escriban su nombre – write your name                    Escribe tu nombre – write your name

Lean en voz alta – Read aloud                                  Lee en voz alta – Read aloud

Contesten en español – Answer in Spanish              Contesta en español – Answer in Spanish

Trabajen en grupos – Work in groups                     Trabaja en grupos – Work in groups

Prendan la computadora – turn on the computers Prende la computadora – turn on the computer

Entreguen la tarea – Turn in your homework           Entrega la tarea – turn in your homework

Guarden silencio – be quiet                                      Guarda silencio –be quiet

No hablen – Don’t talk                                               No hables – don’t talk

Fórmense – line up                                                    Fórmate – line up

Caminen – walk                                                           Camina – walk

No corran – Don’t run                                               No corres – Don’t run

Pónganse las chamarras  – Put on your jackets       Pónte la chamarra  – Put on your jacket

Súbanse el cierre – zip up (your zipper)                    Súbete el cierre – zip up

Lávense las manos – wash your hands                       Lávate las manos – wash your hands




Action steps: Select just 5 commands that you could use regularly and memorize them. Write them in your Spanish Blog 365 Journal.


Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing with Spanish. I´d love to hear from you!

Gracias y hasta mañana,