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Spanish for Education

20 Words and Phrases that teachers should know in Spanish

Back-to-school time. Let’s learn some vocabulary we can use to work with students.



Today is a Workplace Spanish at Spanish Blog 365.
Every week we highlight an occupation and learn key vocabulary to help build your Spanish as it relates to that occupation.
Remember, even if you don’t work in this industry, these words will still enter your conversations. Pick just 5 or 10 that will benefit your Spanish.


Spanish for Education

1. La escuela y los niveles – school and levels

El jardín infantil (el Kinder)  – Kindergarten

La escuela preescolar – preschool

La escuela primaria – elementary school

La escuela secundaria – secondary/middle school

*Colegio o la escuela preparatoria (la prepa) – High school

La universidad comunitaria – community college

La universidad  (la uni– University

*Notice the false coganate – colegio looks like college, but it means high school or schools


Diplomas and titles in Spanish

2. Diplomas y títulos

el primer grado – the first grade  (review ordinal numbers)

*un bachillerato – high school diploma

los estudios superiores – higher education

una licenciatura – bachelor’s degree (4 años de universidad)

una maestría – master’s degree (6 años de universidad)

un doctorado – doctorate degree (el último nivel)

*Note the false coganate – bachillerato looks like bachelor’s, but it means high school diploma

Words and phrases – Otras palabras y frases

3. maestro/a – teacher (generally for kids)

4. profesor/a – professor (generally higher education for adults)

5. director/a – principal

6. estudiante o alumno/a – student

7. la sala de clase o una aula – the classroom

8. Pasar la lista (de asistencia)– to take roll

Voy a pasar la lista – I’m going to take roll

presente / ausente – present / absent

9. Prestar atención – to pay attention

Presten atención – Pay attention (talking to the whole class)


School supplies and more

10. las materias (matemáticas, ciencias sociales) – the subjects (math, social studies)

11. una lección – a lesson

12. la tarea o los deberes – the homework

13. una prueba – a quiz

14. un examen – a test

15. sacar buenas / malas notas – to get good / bad grades

16. levántense la mano– raise your hand (talking to the whole group)

17. los suministros escolares – school supplies

18. una mochila – a backpack

19. una pluma, un bolígrafo o un lapicero– a pen

20. un cuaderno – a notebook


Action Step: Find at least 5-10 words and phrases that you can start using right away!
Listen to radio or T.V. in Spanish at this time of year. You’ll hear many of these words in advertisments!
Come back tomorrow and let’s learn some more Spanish.

Gracias por acompañarme en Spanish Blob 365. ¡Hasta mañana!