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Ser in Spanish

Corporate Spanish Trainer

Ser – to be in Spanish

Today we’ll begin a multiple part series to learn the verb to be.  
If you think about the most frequently used words in a language, this verb, in all of its forms, shows up again and again.

We’re going to really dive into this one little verb and get some high mileage conversation out of it. It will build a solid base for many topics.

Let’s start by learning our subjects in Spanish and the conjugations of this verb. Then we’ll put it into context.

Shakespeare said “ser o no ser” – to be or not to be.
Perhaps you’ve heard the Italian phrase, “Que será será.” – What will be, will be.

to be in Spanish
Yo soy – I am

Tú eres – You are

Él es – He is
Ella es – She is
Usted es – You are
Es – It is

Nosotros somos – We are

Ellos son – They are
Ellas son – They are
Ustedes son – You (plural) are

Here it is in context

Yo soy Carolina. – I’m Carolyn.
Soy de Colorado. – I’m from Colorado.

Tú eres Pablo. – You are Paul.
Eres mi amigo. – You are my friend.

Él es de Colombia. – He’s from Colombia.
Ella es de Nueva York. – She’s from New York.
¿De dónde es Usted? – Where are you from?
¿Qué es esto? – What is this?
Es una pluma. – It’s a pen.

Nosotros somos enfermeros. – We are nurses.
Somos de Cuba. – We are from Cuba.


Ellos son líderes. – They are leaders.
Ellas son muy inteligentes. – They are really smart.
¿Ustedes son de aquí? – You guys/all are from here?
¿Qué son estos? – What are these?
Son plumas. – They are pens.

Action steps:
1. How do you say…I, you, he, she, we, they and you all, in Spanish?
2. What is the difference between tú, Usted and Ustedes?
3. Memorize…soy, eres, es, somos, son.  Again, Yo soy, tú eres, él es, ella es, Usted es, nosotros somos, ellos son, ellas son, Ustedes son.

We’ll be using this a lot and it will serve you will in conversational Spanish.  Even if it feels hard now, just memorize I am, you are, etc… and you’ll see that it’ll get easier and make more sense soon.

Gracias por acompañarme en The Spanish Trainer.
¡Hasta mañana!