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#29 – Hay in Spanish

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Hay in Spanish

Post 29 of 365

Today, we’ll continue with ‘hay‘ in Spanish. It’s the perfect verb, part 2.
Yesterday in part 1, we learned the word “hay” = There is / There are



Hay una pluma
– singular
Hay 2 empleados – plural
¿Cuántos libros hay? – Ask a question using “Cuántos
No hay agua – negative

Today, let’s take this word for a stroll around town!

En todas las ciudades grandes… – In all big cities…

Hay mucha gente. – There are lots of people.
Hay mucho tráfico. – There’s lots of traffic.
Hay museos de arte. – There’re art museums.
Hay plazas. – There’re plazas.
Hay buenos restaurantes. – There’re good restaurants.
Hay tiendas muy bonitas. – There are lovely shops.
Hay problemas sociales. – There are social problems.
Hay una historia interesante. – There’s an interesting history.

¿Qué más? – What else?

Hay calles y carreteras – There are streets and highways
Hay rascacielos y otros edificios – There are skyscrapers and other buildings.
Hay ríos y lagos – There are rivers and lakes
Hay parques y espacios verdes – There are parks and green spaces

En Sur América hay montañas. – In South America there are mountains.
En México hay playas muy bonitas. – In Mexico there are beautiful beaches.
En España hay arquitectura increíble. – In Spain there is incredible arquitecture.
En el Caribe hay aguas cristalinas. – In the Caribbean there is crystalline waters.


Action Steps: In your notebook, write about your city and your favorite travel spot. Say 5 things that there are in each and name some that your city does not have.
En Colorado hay montañas. No hay playas.

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