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Shop names

Corporate Spanish Trainer
27 de abril de 2017

Tiendas – Shops

In Spanish, the names of different types of stores/shops end in -ería
This ending shows that an item is sold there and the root of the word shows what is sold in a certain shop.

For example, in a tortillería, they sell tortillas

Here are some more showing the store name and the product or root of the word.

Have you noticed any of these in your community?
If you have any Latin markets in your area you may also see these as overhead signs indicating a particular section or department.

En mi comunidad (no) hay…
– In my community there’s …

una panadería – a bakery
pan – bread

una heladería – an ice cream shop
helado – ice cream

una frutería – a fruit stand
frutas – fruits

una verdulería – a green grocery
verduras – greens/vegetables

una carnicería – butcher shop
carne – meat

una salchichonería – a deli
salchicha – sausage

una papelería – a stationary shop
papel – paper

una peluquería – a hair styling shop
pelo – hair

un salón de belleza – beauty salon
bello/a – beautiful

una barbería – barbershop
la barba – beard

una joyería – jewelry store
joyas – jewels

una mueblería – furniture store
muebles – furniture

una llantería – tire shop
llantas – tires

una abarrotería – small grocery store
abarrotes – groceries










un supermercado o un hipermercado – supermarket, you’ll also see hypermarkets in Mexico and other countries (bigger than a supermarket)

una farmacia – Pharmacy

una oficina de correos – Post Office
correos – mail

Action Steps:  Identify shop names around your community or on your travels. See what other shop names you can add to this list.
Go back and practice with the word “hay” to say that there is or there isn’t one of these shops in your town.

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