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“Yo” form verbs

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Yo form verbs in Spanish
Spanish Blog 365 Post 121/365
Es martes el 25 de julio de 2017


Hey! Thanks for stopping by today! You’ll want your Spanish Blog 365 notebook for today!


This week are going to get into our Yo” form irregular verbs. I know that may not sound too exciting, but when you see the verbs on this list you are going to say: These are must have’s in my vocabulary!


Today the way we’ll start is to simply begin learning the new vocabulary with it’s conjugation or form in “yo”.

Here’s the list. Only 10 new verbs. It’s a short list, but this list is highly useful!


1. hacer – to do or to make
yo hago

Yo hago tostadas y guacamole.  –  I make / I’m making tostadas and guacamole.
Yo hago la tarea cada mañana. – I do the homework every morning.



2. poner – to put
yo pongo

¿Pongo el libro en la mesa?  –  Shall I put the book on the table?



3. salir – to leave
yo salgo

Yo salgo pronto.  –  I’m leaving soon /I’ll leave soon.



4. traer – to bring
yo traigo

Yo traigo tamales.  –  I’ll bring tamales.



5. valer – to be worth
yo valgo

Yo valgo mucho como orador.  –  I’m a good speaker.



6. dar – to give
yo doy

Yo te doy $5.   –  I’ll give you $5 dollars.



7. recoger – to pick up
yo recojo

Yo recojo a los niños a las 3:00.  –  I pick the kids up at 3:00.



8. ver – to see
yo veo

Yo veo a muchas personas en el parque.  –  I see a lot of people in the park.


9. saber – to know
yo sé

Yo sé el alfabeto español.  –  I know the Spanish alphabet.




10. conocer – to know
yo conozco

Yo no conozco a Maricela. ¿Quién es?  –  I don’t know Maricela. Who is she?



Action steps: Learn these 10 verbs, what they mean and their irregular conjugation in the “yo” form. Tomorrow we’ll look at the other (regular) forms and put them into conversation.


hacer – yo hago
poner – yo pongo
salir – yo salgo
traer -yo traigo
valer – yo valgo
dar – yo doy
recoger – yo recojo
ver – yo veo
saber – yo sé
conocer – yo conozco



Gracias y continuaremos mañana,