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Workplace Spanish – En un Restaurante

Corporate Spanish Trainer

Es lunes el 19 de junio de 2017



This week we are going to have 7 days of exploring food  around the Spanish-speaking world.

We’ll get started today with our Work Place Spanish in a restaurant. Even if you don’t work in a restaurant, there are lots of great words/phrases here that will apply to other parts of life.


Trabajar en un Restaurante – Working in a restaurant

el gerente – the manager
el jefe – the boss
el/la cocinero/a – the chef or cook
los meseros y meseras – the waiters and waitresses (camareros en España)
la cajera – the cashier



Poner la mesa – setting the table
Quitar la mesa – clear the table


un vaso para agua –  a water glass
una copa para vino –  a wine glass
un platillo para pan – a saucer for bread
un cuchillo – a knife
un tenedor – a fork
una cuchara – a spoon
una servilleta – a napkin
sal y pimienta – salt and pepper
un cubierto –  a place setting



Tenemos una reserva a nombre de García – We have a reservation for Garcia

¿Cuántas personas son? – How many are there in your group?
Somos 4 – There are 4 of us


…una mesa para 4? 
–  a table for four?
…una mesa en el rincón? – a table in the corner?
…una mesa en la terraza? – a table on the terrace?
…una mesa en el patio? – a on the patio?
…una mesa en el sol? – a table in the sun?
…otra mesa en la sombra? – another table in the shade?



Por favor,… – Please,…
…lava los platos y los trastes – wash the dishes and pots and pans
…barre los pisos – sweep the floors
…limpia los pisos y todos los superficies – clean the floors and all surfaces
…saca la basura – take out the trash
…pon todos los trapos sucios aquí – put all of the dirty rags here



Action steps: Go back and read all of the vocabulary out loud.
In your 365 Spanish Journal, diagram a place setting at a table and label everything.


We have a very fun week, straying a bit from our normal routine. It’s summertime and a great time to explore foods and drinks of the Spanish-speaking world.

Be sure to come back tomorrow!

Gracias y hasta entonces,