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#20 – What day is it?

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What day is it?
Learning days of the week in Spanish

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Today, Let’s learn the days of the week

Los días de la semana

Starting with some preliminary vocabulary…Time references
día – day
semana – week
mes – month
año – year

Let’s call this a Vocabulary Pocket = a group of related words, that if you learn together, in a chunk, you can memorize them all for the brain power price of memorizing just one!

We can expand the above Vocabulary Pocket with ease:

hora – hour
década – decade
siglo – century

los días de la semana

los meses del año
las horas del día

Hay 60 minutos en una hora.
Hay 7 días en una semana.
Hay 12 meses en un año.
Hay 100 años en un siglo.


Los días de la semana en español

lunes – Monday
martes – Tuesday
miércoles – Wednesday
jueves – Thursday
viernes – Friday
sábado -Saturday
domingo – Sunday

1. Wednesday and Saturday have a written accent mark (miércoles, sábado)
2. Days of the week are not capitalized in Spanish. Remember that months aren’t either!

Ayer fue domingo. – Yesterday was Sunday.
Hoy es lunes. – Today is Monday.
Mañana es martes. – Tomorrow is Tuesday.

There’s another Vocabulary Pocket!

ayer  – yesterday  (Phonetics: eye YER)
hoy – today
mañana – tomorrow

Action Step: Practice this today! Tomorrow we’ll get put the days into conversational context.

Fill in the blank and say it out loud as you do it.

1. ________, martes, ____________, jueves, _____________

2. sábado, ____________, lunes, __________

3. viernes, _____________, _______________, lunes, martes, _____________, _____________

4. Notice the calendar in the photo above shows the days of the week like this:

l m m j v s d


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