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#90 – Easter vocabulary

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Vocabulary for Easter

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Los días festivos – la Pascua
Since Easter is on Sunday, I wanted to introduce vocabulary related to this holiday.
After Sunday, you won’t hear many of these words until next year, so this a great week to tune in.
Although these words are in the context of Easter, many of them are important to your overall vocabulary bank and they’ll come up in other situations.

This Post is about building your vocabulary so you can tune into local radio, TV and other sources of media to observe these words in action.
It’s a language post and is coming from the point of view of living in the U.S. and practicing your listening and reading skills by recognizing key vocabulary that you’ll hear/see in commercial ads and the news.

The Action Steps will direct you to sources if you want to explore culture and how this holiday is celebrated in the Spanish-speaking world.

La Pascua (Florida) – Easter as in “La Isla de Pascua” from Post 14
Domingo de Gloria
La Semana Santa
– Holy Week
El Viernes Santo – Good Friday
La Misa – Mass
La Misa de Gallo – Midnight Mass

huevos de Pascua – Easter eggs
huevos pintados – painted eggs
huevos duros – hard-boiled eggs
el conejo de Pascua – the Easter rabbit
el conejito de Pascua -the Easter bunny
un conejito de chocolate – a chocolate bunny
pollitos – the marshmallow chicks
una canasta de Pascua – an Easter basket
un vestido de Pascua – an Easter dress
esconder – to hide
buscar – to look for
encontrar – to find
las ayunas – to fast
Pascua de Cuaresma – Lent
el pescado – fish

Action Steps:
1. Tune into local radio and TV in Spanish. Listen to the grocery stores advertising prices and selection of the above words. Listen for just 3-5 minutes a day.
2. Google “Semana Santa”. There are big events this week in Spain (Seville and other cities) and Mexico, etc…
3. Try www.elmundo.es (the Madrid newspaper online) to see some of these words in print.

¡Felices Pascuas!
Gracias por acompañarnos
Hasta mañana