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Definite and indefinite articles and singular and plural
Parte 1


Es martes, el 16 de mayo de 2017

Today we are going to talk about the word “The.”  Yay! It is really exciting!…well, I’ll do my best to make it exciting for you, but for sure I want to make it useful.
It’s funny how the little words, the 1 and 2 letter words, can be some of the hardest to learn in another language.

In English we have 1 word: The

Spanish has 4 ways to say “The.”
Spanish has Masculine and feminine and then singular and plural. 

Today is Part 1 of a series that will work us through this topic and provide clarity.
If you have never studied this, just stay with it and get an overview. Simply observe and become more aware of it.
You’ll see examples in every Post. It has showed in all 50 of the previous Posts and will continue to do so.
If you have had this before, perhaps you’ll find something new and add some detail to fine-tune your current skills.





el libro…los libros – the book…the books
la mesa…las mesas – the table…the tables



a, an, some



un cuaderno…unos cuadernos – a notebook…some notebooks
una fresa…unas fresas – a strawberry…some strawberries
una manzana…unas manzanas – an apple…some apples


As a general rule, if a word ends in an -o, it is masculine and if it ends in an -a, it is feminine.



Note – How to make a word plural:

1. If a word ends in a vowel, simply add an -s. Ejemplo: mesa, mesas, chile, chiles, burrito, burritos

2. If a word ends in a consonant, simply add -es. Ejemplo: mes, meses, tamal, tamales, actividad, actividades

3. If a word ends in a -z, change the -z to a -c and then add  -es. Ejemplo: luz, luces, lápiz, lápices


Change these to plural
1. la banana
2. el museo
3. la Plaza
4. el vaso


Change these to plural
1. una taza
2. un cognado
3. una noche
4. un aguacate


Change these to the singular form
1. las zanahorias
2. los pepinos
3. los limones
4. las actividades

Change these to the singular form
1. unas luces
2. unos amigos
3. unas panaderías
4. unos panes



Action steps: In your notebook
1. Write the 4 ways to say “The”
2. Write “a”, “an”, “some” in Spanish
3. Write the 3 rules for how to make a word plural in Spanish
4. Do the exercises above, then go back with the audio and check your work.
5. observe these little words and also s/p whenever you see Spanish written


Leave me a comment if you have any questions while we work through this topic. It can be tricky as an English speaker. It gets better with practice and experience.

Gracias y hasta pronto