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Start Here – How to Navigate the 365 Posts

Spanish Blog 365
How to Navigate 365 days of Posts

Welcome to Spanish Blog 365
Where you can start, refresh & expand your Spanish

You’re in the right place if…

-You are a beginner ready to learn Spanish
-You want to activate and expand current skills

Post #1 is the very beginning and builds a strong foundation up to more advanced level by Post #365.
It’s as if you were taking a 1-year course! 

Spanish Blog 365 is all about learning on the GO!

Each Post is about 5 to 15 minutes long.
Do one Post a day or even several in a day.

At Spanish Blog 365, we learn about language and all that that involves:
Grammar, Yes, Grammar 
Everyday Conversational skills

Follow this Blog from Post #1 to Post #365 or jump around and find topics of interest.

Get a notebook and label it ‘Spanish Blog 365’.

Use it to take notes as you work through the Posts. Each Post has ‘Action Steps’ – a homework assignment.
Your notebook will be a great place for keeping all of your notes, practice & vocabulary in one place.

Each Post has Audio so you can read and listen. We are currently (March 28, 2019) adding new audio to the Posts.
Many are from native Spanish-speakers from around the Spanish-speaking world.
Their voices are beautiful and offer you a great way to hear a variety of voices and accents.

Here’s to YOUR Spanish Success!  May your words flow!!

Nos vemos en las Publicaciones – See you in the Posts!