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Start Here – Spanish Blog 365

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START HERE – How to Navigate Spanish Blog 365

Welcome to Spanish Blog 365!
Mi nombre es Carolina y soy su profesora

At Spanish Blog 365 you can start, refresh & expand your Spanish

You’re in the right place if…
-You are a beginner beginner and ready to learn Spanish. or…
-You’ve had Spanish before and want to activate and expand current skills

Here is how to navigate 365 days of posts:

Post #1 is the very beginning and builds a strong foundation all the way up to a more advanced level by Post #365. It’s as if you were taking a 1-year course! 

Spanish Blog 365 is all about learning on the GO!
Each Post will take 3 to 10 minutes to read and some even have audio.
Do one Post a day or several in a day.

Each week you’ll get:
Workplace Spanish – 52 occupations explored
Grammar topics
– 3 or 4 days in a row per week
Vocabulary building

Cultural topics
Travel Spanish – once a week
and Conversational skills

Follow this Blog from Post #1 to Post #365 or jump around and find topics of interest.

Keep a notebook –
Label it ‘My Spanish 365’ or ‘Spanish Blog 365’
Use it to take notes as you work through the Posts.

Each Post has:
Action Steps – ‘Pasos a Seguir’
Homework – ‘tarea’, ‘los deberes’

Your notebook will be a great place for keeping notes, doing the practice & jotting down new vocabulary – Keep it all in one place!

I’m here for your Spanish success.
Let’s make a toast together, to YOUR Spanish!  May your words flow!

Nos vemos en las publicaciones – See you in the Posts!

P.S. Be sure to check out our class schedule.
Your Spanish will improve quickly with the combination of in-class speaking practice and these Posts. During the pandemic all classes are live Online classes.

Gracias por acompañarme