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#19 – Spanish phrases

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Spanish phrases

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Today we’ll review some courtesy words and learn other fun phrases that you can use daily.
The list below is full of great little phrases that you can throw into a conversation or situation. I think you’ll have fun using them!

General courtesy words
1. Gracias – thank you
2. De nada – You are welcome
3. No hay de que – Think nothing of it
4. Por favor – Please

Ohter phrases
5. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!- Happy birthday!
6. ¿Listo? or ¿Lista? or ¿Listos? or ¿Listas? – Ready?

7. Creo que sí – I believe/think so.
8. Creo que no – I don’t believe/think so.
9. Pienso que sí or Pienso que no – I think so. or I don’t think so.

10. ¡Claro! – Of course!
11. ¡Por supuesto! – Of course!

12. No problema – No problem
13. Está bien – It’s OK/alright
14. Vale – OK
15. Vale la pena – It’s worth it.

Ways to say goodbye or depart
16. Adiós – Goodbye
17. Hasta luego – Until later (See you later)
18. Hasta pronto – See you soon
19. Hasta mañana – See you tomorrow
20. ¡Que tenga un lindo día! – Have a good day.
21. ¡Que tenga un buen fin de semana! – Have a good weekend.

Action Steps: Pick 5 – 8 words or phrases from the above list that you’ll use often. Next, write each one in your notebook to memorize them.
Look for opportunities in your conversations to throw these in.

Gracias y que tenga un buen resto del día
Thank you and have a good rest of the day!

To your Spanish success,
Hasta mañana,