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#204 – Spanish for Photographers

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Spanish for Photographers

25 must know words and phrases

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Post 204/365
Es lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017


Buenos días,

Bienvenidos a Spanish Blog 365.


It’s Monday, and that means workplace Spanish day. Every Monday we learn Spanish through an occupation. Today, Spanish for photographers.
Even if you don’t work in this field, you’ll still find words that apply to everyday usage. Take the words and phrases that you like along with you and leave the rest behind.



¿A qué se dedica? – What do you do?

Soy fotógrafo/a. – I’m a photographer.


Tengo una cámara con varios lentes. – I have a camera with various lenses.

Yo saco / tomo fotos. – I take pictures.


Me fascina la fotografía. – Photography fascinates me.

Yo tengo un portafolio en mi sitio web. – I have a portfolio on my website.


La composición es muy importante. – Composition is really important.

Pienso en la luz, la sombra y el fondo. – I think about the light, the shade and the background.


Tengo mucho otro equipo como iluminación, filtros y un trípod. – I have a lot of other equipment like lighting, filters and a tripod.

A veces necesito usar un flash. – Sometimes I need to use a flash.


Uso software para retocar las fotos y para editarlas. – I use software to retouch the photos and to edit them.

Yo descargo los archivos de mi cámara a mi computadora. – I download the files from my camera to my computer.


Tengo un estudio en mi casa. – I have a studio at my house.

Hago retratos y paisajes. – I do portraits and landscapes.



A veces yo hago casamientos/bodas.  – Sometimes I do weddings.

Sonrían. – Smile.

Digan ‘queso’. – Say ‘cheese’.



Action steps: re-read the vocabulary above. Note any words you like in your Spanish Blog 365 journal.


Leave me a comment and let me know what you do for a living. I’d love to hear from you!



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