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Spanish Mini Classes

This month we have a NEW offering that we think you’re going to love! It’s easy on your busy schedule and full of topics that are fun and full of Spanish conversational skill-building activities! Each Mini is a 2-hour, one-time class.

Take just 1 or bring a friend and Save!

Keep your Spanish active – take a Mini! 

Mini-Spanish classes are here ONLY for the Month of December!
These are highly accessible and fit well with a busy schedule.
Each Mini is a single 2-hour complete class. Find daytime, evening and weekend options with 4 levels to choose from.

Mini’s are lively, social, festive and NON-intimidating.
A variety of topics to choose from for all levels from Complete beginner, intermediate and advanced. Cross the level-boundry and try a Mini from several levels.
Planning a trip in the near future? Take Travel Spanish Parts 1 & 2

Topics include: Spanish Through Food, Spanish for Poetry Lovers, Music and Pure Conversational Mini’s – Don’t be shy!

You’ll come away feeling energized and successful! Each Mini comes with a Take-home packet so you continue to learn.

Below is the schedule. Bring a friend, save and share the fun!


2-Hour Mini-Class
Held in Westminster, Colorado
Meets one-time for 2-hours
Daytime, evening & weekend offerings
Small group
Includes materials
Take 1 for $60 or get a
2-Pack for $97*
(2-pack can be shared)

*When you get 2-pack you’ll get a code to register for your 2nd class

Beginner, Beginner – NO Prior Spanish Needed

Learn some SpanishSat - Dec 7 - 1:00-3:00pmRegister
Spanish Through Food Part 1Sun - Dec 8 - 2:00-4:00pmRegister
Spanish for Travelers Part 1Sat - Dec 14 -1:00-3:00pmRegister
Beginner, Beginner Course Descriptions

Start Spanish
This is a very fun and exciting class to get you started speaking Spanish. Perfect for anyone with no prior Spanish or perhaps just a little.

Spanish Through Food Part 1
A 2-part class – Take 1 or take both! (See Part 2 in Beginner level) 
Designed for the Complete Beginner!
Learn restaurant vocabulary and your ordering skills.
Small bites served as this class will make you hungry!

Spanish for Travelers Part I
A 2-part class – Take 1 or take both! (See Part 2 in Beginner level) 
Designed for the Complete Beginner!
Learn key words, phrases & conversations that will make traveling easier and a much richer experience. (No grammar here!)

Beginner – Some Prior Spanish (greetings, days of week numbers)

Spanish Through Love SongsWed - Dec 11 - 3:00-5:00pmRegister
Present Tense + ConversationThu - Dec 12 - 5:00-7:00pmRegister
Spanish Through Food Part 2Sun - Dec 15 - 2:00-4:00pmRegister
Spanish for Travelers Part 2Sat - Dec 21 - 1:00-3:00pmRegister
Beginner Course Descriptions

Spanish Through Love Songs
What more needs to be said? Ok…just a little bit more…
Listening to music in Spanish offers fantastic way to build vocabulary and to, improve our native-accent and intonation. Find new music and learn to use music as a way to develop and maintain language skills year-round.

Present Tense + Conversation
We all we know we need verbs to hold a better conversation, but they can feel like hitting a brick wall. Get up and over that brick wall and move yourself to deeper understanding and conversation. Your Spanish will thank you!
You CAN do this!!

Spanish Through Food Part 2
This is a 2 part class. (See Part 1 in Beginner, Beginner)
You can take just this one or take both. Designed for Beginning level students.
Learn important food vocabulary so you can understand menus and talk about food in conversation. You’ll also move your ordering skills to the next level.

Spanish for Travelers Part 2
This is a 2 part class. We recommend taking both – different topic are covered.
Designed for Beginning level students. Main aspects of Travel such as airport, hotel, ground transportation, shopping & health are taught.
Learn vocabulary and practice in conversation. 

Intermediate – Familiar with present tense including irregular verbs

Latin America: Travel & FoodThu - Dec 5 - 5:30-7:30pmRegister
Pure Conversation - Don´t be Shy! 😉Tue - Dec 10 - 5:30-7:30pmRegister
Spain: History, Travel, FoodThu - Dec 12 - 11:00am-1:00pmRegister
Spanish for Poetry LoversSat - Dec. 14 - 1:00-3:00pmRegister
Perfect your pronunciation + more fun!Thu - Dec 19 - 5:30-7:30pmRegister
Intermediate Course Descriptions

Latin America
Travel & Food: Explore in Spanish some of the greatest travel and culinary treasures in Latin America as well as off-the-beaten-track gems.

Pure Conversation
Don´t be Shy! 😉 We learn Spanish because we want to speak it, yet it can also give us the greatest fear! Or is that just me?
This is a NON Intimidating class with a series of guided and free form conversational activities. Prepare, practice and Master! Pure Fun!

Spain: History, Travel, Food
Taught by Kathleen who has such a rich experience, knowledge and love of Spain. Wait til you hear her accent. You’ll melt! Gorgeous and SO Interesting!
Great for intermediate and advanced students.

Spanish for Poetry Lovers
Poets of the Spanish Civil War. Machado, Lorca and Unamuno.
Poetry is a terrific way to learn vocabulary, but also the history and the experiences of the times.
Kathleen teaches this class and even if you think your are not a poetry person, you’ll discover a new appreciation. Great for intermediate or advanced students.

Perfect your pronunciation + more fun!
Taught by Kathleen. Learn how to develop your native pronunciation in Spanish. Kathleen teaches interesting nuances and provides fun exercises and ways to practice on your own long after class has ended.

Advanced – has knowledge of 3-4 verb tenses

Ratoncito PérezSat - Dec 7 - 2:00-4:00pmRegister
More Spanish for Poetry LoversTue - Dec 17 - 5:30-7:30pmRegister
Short Story reading and conversationFri - Dec 20 - 11:00am-1:00pmRegister
Advanced Course Descriptions

El Ratoncito Pérez
Written at the end of the 19th century in Spain, it’s a small book penned by Padre Luis Coloma which reflects a great deal about the socio-economic circumstances of the time. The poor, the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, the monarchy and the attitude of certain clergy.
This class is for any Intermediate or Advanced Student.

More Spanish for Poetry Lovers
Moving into poets and poetry of Latin America. Discover the greats in history and in modern times. See how Spanish expresses itself so beautifully in poetry.
This class is for any Intermediate or Advanced Student.

Short Story reading and conversation
A select Short Story from a Latin American author.
See how reading in Spanish not only enriches your life, but how it improves our vocabulary and our conversational expression.
This class is for any Intermediate or Advanced Student.

"I really enjoyed taking classes with Carolyn. The classes are small and personal. She is a wonderful teacher, both patient and supportive. She really encouraged me to use the language on a regular basis and I have thoroughly developed my skills with her!"

Jackie U.

"I am a mining professional working in Latin America and I needed to improve my Spanish, especially as it relates to the mining industry. Carolyn is very proactive in developing a plan at my level and emphasizing verb tenses and key vocabulary most useful for me."

David Kelley
Golden, Colorado

"When I came home from my first class, my son who studies Spanish in school said," 'Mom, you learned more in your first day than I have all year!'

Mina A
Westminster, Colorado

"After classes with Carolina and her encouraging coaching I now feel more comfortable and have fun communicating in Spanish.  Her gentle correction has been invaluable.  She is professional and always provides a variety of exercises to practice the topics presented. She has a thorough knowledge of the culture and language."  

Marti S.
Westminster, Colorado

"Carolyn helps me with customer service phone skills. She makes it very practical and interesting for me. I never thought I would be able to do this, but I’m able to get accurate information from Spanish-speaking caller and help people at work."

Front Desk, County Employee

"We've absolutely loved the Spanish classes through The Spanish Trainer.  Carolina is such a stimulating and encouraging teacher, and the curriculum is highly relevant to our work. She customizes it even further in class. I'm just devastated that our class with Carolina has ended, but I heard that we are bringing her back again to give us some more practice and skills."

Mary P.
Education and Program Assistant, Denver, Colorado

I can do this!!"

Thornton, CO

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