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#153 – Spanish Idioms and Sayings

Corporate Spanish Trainer

Learn Spanish Idioms and sayings

Idioms are sayings that do not translate well between 2 languages such as It’s raining cats and dogs.


Reading is dreaming with your eyes open









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Es sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017

Welcome to Spanish Blog 365 – Getting you to the excitement of conversation faster!


Today we’ll learn some Spanish Idioms and Sayings – Modismos y dichos


This week we’ve been working on irregular verbs, specifically o-ue, stem-changing verbs. Now let’s learn some fun idioms and sayings using many of these verbs.


contar – to tell

¡Cuéntame! – Tell me!
Your friend says, ‘we had so much fun last weekend.’ You respond by saying, ¡Cuéntame!



costar– to cost


A. Me cuesta (mucho) trabajo – It’s (really) hard (Es difícil)

A Spanish-speaker is telling you about their experience learning English.
He says, Hablar inglés me cuesta mucho trabajo. – Speaking English is really hard for me.



B. Cuesta un ojo de la cara – It costs an eye from the face (It costs an arm and a leg)

En esta tienda, la ropa cuesta un ojo de la cara. – In this shop, clothes cost an arm and a leg.



poder – to be able to


A. No puede ser – It’s impossible (Es imposible) or It can’t be.



B. Leer es poder – Reading is power.


C. ¡Sí se puede! – Yes you can!


morir– to die


A. Morir de risas – To die laughing / to die of laughter

Los niños están muriendo de risas. – The kids dying of laughter



B. Morir de hambre – To die of hunger

Muero de hambre. – I’m dying of hunger.



soñar – to dream

Sueña con los angelitos – Sleep tight (dream with the angels)



llover – to rain

Lluve a cántaros – It’s raining cats and dogs.

Ahora está lloviendo a cántaros – It’s raining cats and dogs right now.


Action steps: Select 2-3 of the above idioms and practice saying the examples several times aloud till you start to think them.



Come back again tomorrow! It’s our Country study day – Nicaragua


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