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#197 – Spanish for Hairdressers Words to Know

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Spanish for Hairdressers

Words to know in Spanish

In Ecuador, the Otavalo Indians wear long braids. (trenzas)









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Es lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017




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It’s workplace Spanish day…Es lunes
Even if you don’t work in this field you still need a haircut once in awhile. I know a person who goes to a Spanish-speaking hairdresser as a way to practice her Spanish.
Perhaps when you go off to a Spanish-speaking country for 6 months, you’ll need to get your hair cut and these words will help you get just what you want.



Hairdressers – Words to know in Spanish



Soy peluquero/a

Trabajo en una peluqería o en un salón de belleza



Hago…- I do…

cortes de pelo.- haircuts

recortes – trims

colores – colors

permanentes – permenents

peinados – hairdos (comb outs)

maquillaje – make-up.

uñas – nails

extensiones de pelo – hair extensions

pelo o cabello – hair



cortes de pelo o cortes de cabello – haircuts
para toda la familia – for the whole family


una coleta – a ponytail

trenzas – braids

champú – shampoo

una toalla – a towel

las tijeras – scissors

el secador – hairdryer

el rizador – curler (iron)

un cepillo – a brush

un peine – a comb



Quiero hacer una cita para un corte de pelo.

¿El viernes a las 4:00pm?

Está bien, gracias.


¡Luces bien! – You look good!


pagar – to pay
dejar una propina – leave a tip



Action steps: read the signs and window advertisements on local peluquerías. Try to find ads in a local Spanish newspaper for a Salón de Belleza.
Go to a hair salon where they only speak Spanish for your next haircut?


Leave me a comment. Let me know what you do to practice your Spanish. I’d love to hear from you!


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P.S.  It’s a big week around here!