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#176 – Spanish for Firefighters Key Words

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Spanish for Firefighters key Words

fire station in Puerto Rico

Estación de Bomberos en Ponce, Puerto Rico


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Es lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

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Welcome to Spanish Blog 365!
Monday’s are workplace Spanish day. Today’s occupation is firefighters.
Remember that even if you don’t work in this industry, your Spanish will still benefit from these words. This vocabulary can help you in conversation, when reading articles and newspaper, etc…



Spanish for firefighters – español para bomberos


Soy bombero/a. – I’m a firefighter.

La estación de bomberos – Fire station

El camión de bomberos – Fire truck

apagar incendios – to put out fires

un incendio – a fire

fuego – fire

las llamas – flames

el humo – smoke

huelo humo – I smell smoke

un incendio forestal – a forest fire

enseñar – to teach

la prevención de incendios – fire prevention

extinguir – extinguish

extintor de incendios – fire extinguisher

Parar, al suelo, rodar – Stop, Drop and Roll

emergencias médicas – medical emergencies

una manguera (de incendio) – a (fire) hose

la boca de incendio – fire hydrant

una escalera – ladder

un rescate – a rescue

Primeros auxilios – first aid

materiales peligrosos – hazardous materials

inspecciones de código – code inspections

voluntario/a – volunteer

héroe/heroina – hero / heroine

Action steps: take the words and phrases that you can use. Leave the rest behind. Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you. Come back again tomorrow

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