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139 The Spanish Alphabet and Spelling

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The Spanish Alphabet and Spelling


Learn the Spanish alphabet and practice spelling. This is also in the Reference section, but like numbers, it needs regular practice. It’s very handy to know how to spell in Spanish!
What did you say? How do you spell that?


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The Spanish Alphabet


el alfabeto español


A a                  a

B b                  be

C c                 ce*

D d                de                                        

E e                 e

F f                  efe                                       

G g                 ge

H h                 hache

I i                    i

J j                   jota

K k                 ka

L l                  ele*

M m              eme

N n                ene

Ñ ñ               eñe

O o                o

P p                 pe

Q q                 qu

R r                  ere*

S s                   ese

T t                   te

U u                  u

V v                   ve

W w                doble u, doble ve

X x                   equis

Y y                    i griega, ye

Z z                    zeta



Spelling in Spanish



*Note:  Spanish used to have 3 aditonal letters.  The Royal Academy of Spanish agreed to drop the 3 letters out of the alphabet in 1995. It had to do with computers and alphabetizing.

If you have an older dictionary, you’ll see these.

ch      che  When you are spelling say: che o ce hache
ll        elle  When you are spelling say: elle o ele ele o doble ele
rr       erre  When you are spelling say: erre o ere ere o doble ere


á – a con acento
í – i con acento
é – e con acento
ó – o con acento
ú – u con acento



We need the alphabet for…





Radio Stations:




Business names:



¿Cómo se escribe? – How is it written?
¿Cómo se deletrea? – How do you spell it?



1. ¿Cúal es su apellido?

Mi apellido es Carvajal.

¿Cómo se escribe?

Ce – a – ere – ve- a – jota – a – ele



2. Deletrea las siguientes palabras en voz alta

A. Yogur

B. México

C. Argentina

D. Chichitenango

E. jalapeño

F. apellido

G. luego

H. Llantas

I. Martínez

J. Queso


Action steps: This week is ‘En voz alta’ week. Go back and read and spell it all aloud. Then go out and practice. Ask a friend, How do you spell that?

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