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#32 – Reading signs

Corporate Spanish Trainer

Reading signs

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Reading Signs in Spanish – los letreros
Keep your eyes open and notice signs that you see around town or on your travels

Review Post: Store names

Have you seen any of these signs?

Posted on store fronts
– open
– closed


Posted on the door
entrada – entrance
salida – exit

Posted on the door
jale – pull
empuje – push

On bathroom doors
Hombres – men
Mujeres – women

You might also see: On bathroom doors
Caballeros / Señores – Gentlemen / Mr
Damas / Señoritas – Ladies / Misses


At the airport
salidas – departures
llegadas – arrivals


At the Grocery store or other store (little yellow tents on the floor)
Cuidado piso mojado – careful, wet floor

Around town
No estacionar – No parking

In a shop or museum

No tocar – Don’t touch


Action Steps: Write and learn opposites from above. Write them in your Spanish notebook. Begin a collection. Add other signs that you’ve seen on your travels.

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