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just to name a few!

Influencia cultural…

Discover it Through Language!

“In Mexico they served us watermelon juice! It was delicious! Just chilled watermelon and cold water blended to a liquid.
Since I’ve been home, I make it in the summer. 
It’s so refreshing on a hot day.”


Un vaso de jugo de sandía, por favor.


In Albuquerque, New Mexico there’s a mountain called Sandía peak.
They say that at sunset, the sun casts a pinkish hue on the mountain and the rocks look like little black seeds.
It looks like a giant slice of watermelon at sunset.

Keep your eyes open. Spanish is all around us! (read more)
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Un poco de práctica:

10 frutas

una banana
– no translation needed 😉

una manzana

– an apple

una naranja
– an orange

una cereza
– a cherry

una granada
– pomegranate

una ciruela
– a plum

un durazno
– a peach

una fresa
– a strawberry

una frambuesa
– a raspberry

un higo
– a fig

Verduras y más

– lettuce


– onion

– garlic

tomate / jitomate
– tomato

– celery

– carrot

col / repollo
– cabbage

– avocado

– cucumber

– corn


– doctor


– nurse

– lawyer

– firefighter

– chef

agente de bienes raíces
– real estate agent

agente de aduana
– customs agent

agente de seguros
– insurance agent

trabajador/a social
– social worker

– coach / trainer


arriba / abajo
– upstairs / downstairs

encima / debajo

– on top / underneath

dentro / fuera
– inside / outside

prendido / apagado
– on / off (a light)

con / sin
– with / without

comprar / vender
– buy sell

seco / mojado
– dry / wet

dulce / agrio
– sweet / sour

hecho / deshecho
– done / undone

este / oeste
– east / west

"I really enjoyed taking Spanish classes with Carolyn. The classes are small and personal. She is a wonderful teacher, both patient and supportive. She really encouraged me to use the language on a regular basis and I have thoroughly developed my skills with her!"

Jackie U.

"I am a mining professional working in Latin America and I needed to improve my Spanish, especially as it relates to the mining industry. Carolyn is very proactive in developing a plan at my level and emphasizing verb tenses and key vocabulary most useful for me."

David Kelley
Golden, Colorado

"When I came home from my first class, my son who studies Spanish in school said," 'Mom, you learned more in your first day than I have all year!'

Mina A
Westminster, Colorado

"After Spanish lessons with Carolina and her encouraging coaching I now feel more comfortable and have fun communicating in Spanish.  Her gentle correction has been invaluable.  She is professional and always provides a variety of exercises to practice the topics presented. She has a thorough knowledge of the culture and language."

Marti S.
Westminster, Colorado

"Carolyn helps me with customer service phone skills. She makes it very practical and interesting for me. I never thought I would be able to do this, but I’m able to get accurate information from Spanish-speaking caller and help people at work."

Front Desk, County Employee

"We've absolutely loved the Spanish classes through The Spanish Trainer.  Carolina is such a stimulating and encouraging teacher, and the curriculum is highly relevant to our work. She customizes it even further in class. I'm just devastated that our class with Carolina has ended, but I heard that we are bringing her back again to give us more practice and skills."

Mary P.
Education and Program Assistant, Denver, Colorado

I can do this!!"

Thornton, CO

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