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Spanish classes
Metro Denver

Spanish lessons small group or private.
Medical and business courses.
Serving Denver since 2001. 

Immersive Spanish

Begins in June

Been using apps?

Move your Spanish to Conversation

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Includes your book. No extra fees

Learn Spanish ~ 3 opciones


Private classes
Flexible schedule

About Private Spanish Classes

Private Spanish classes are ideal for busy professionals
who need a flexible schedule that you determine.

Private Spanish classes use our base curriculum (any level)
and can include customization to fit your specific language needs.
Taught live online

8 classes
up to 90-minute each

Includes your book


Small group
6 or 12 weeks

About Small Group Spanish Classes

Ideal for individuals or bring your co-workers / family
Start any level and build your skills from beginner to intermediate to advanced

Select 6 or 12 weeks
Classes meet one-time per week for 90-minutes
Meet on the same time and day each week
Save $100 with a 12-week class

Tuition - includes your book:
6 Weeks: $349
12 Weeks: $598  SAVE! $100

*Ask about a discount for 4 or more students

Our Spanish program is called  Core PLUS Conversation
-each level is 6-weeks
-when you register for 12-weeks you'll complete 2 levels
-start at any level
-take one level or stay and take them all
-when you finish a level, you can 'roll' right into the next level

SAVE $100 by registering for 12 weeks today!

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4.5 hrs/wk

About Immersive Spanish

Immersive Spanish applies the right amount of pressure needed to move your conversational skills to the next level.
Our immersive Spanish classes are rich in conversation and interaction.
Light grammar presented and practiced in conversation.
3 levels of Immersive Spanish - see description below

Immersive Spanish Conversation:
- gain more fluidity in your conversation
- meets 2 or 3 times a week
- 4 1/2 hours of Spanish per week!
- Taught live-online

Tuition - includes digital materials
$229 (2 weeks) 

Immersive Spanish Conversation ~ A
*Recommended: knowledge of (NOT fluency of), greetings, numbers, days, months, seasons, likes and dislikes, hay, beginning to learn verbs (present tense). Equivalent to our Spanish 1B

Immersive Spanish Conversation ~ B
*Recommended: knowledge of (NOT fluency of), ser, estar, ir, numbers to a million, present tense verbs and beginning to learn stem-changing verbs (present tense). Equivalent to our Spanish 2A / 2B

Immersive Spanish Conversation ~ C
*Recommended: knowledge of (NOT fluency of), 2 or 3 verb tenses, (pretérito, imperfecto, presente perfecto), reflexive verbs, pronouns, verbs like gustar. Equivalent to our Spanish 2C / 2D 

*Note: You are NOT expected to be 'fluid' in the topics listed under each level. A general knowledge of them is helpful so we can build on that and bring your skills to more conversational confidence and ease.
All of our classes are welcoming and NON-intimidating. We have fun and really push our conversational skills for real-life.
If you have NEVER studied Spanish before, we recommend our Spanish 1A before the Immersive Spanish Conversation.

21 Questions ~ Spanish Quiz

Take the Spanish Quiz Today!


Great for any level


Fun and Challenging


Answer key included

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The Spanish Trainer Spanish Classes Denver, Colorado
¡Hola! Me llamo Carolyn.
I’ve had the pleasure of personally working with more than 4,800 adults in both Corporate and private small group settings.  I have extensive experience teaching Spanish to:
  • Medical, Health and Dental Staff
  • Construction, Safety, Mining, Geology and Petroleum Professionals
  • First Responders, Fire Departments, Emergency Room Personnel
  • Manufacturers, Food processing
  • Municipalities: Code Compliance, Economic Development
  • Courts and Law Enforcement
  • Housing, Social Services, Mental Health
  • Libraries and Schools districts
  • Real Estate, Mortgage
  • Pilots, baseball players, professional dancers, tour guides,
  • World travelers, food aficionados, music and poetry lovers, parents and more

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In your class you’ll learn practical, high frequency Spanish that you’ll apply immediately.

My goal is to give you the language you need to help you grow your Spanish-speaking skills fast.

You’ll learn tools that’ll help you continue building language long after your Spanish lessons have ended.

Wherever your travels take you, I can help you navigate regional variations that you’ll encounter here in Denver and the Southwest, México, Spain, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

How can I help you?
¿En qué le puedo servir?

For inquiries, call The Spanish Trainer at 303-466-8830

“Our class was excellent!
It far exceeded my expectations of what a language class is about.
Carolyn engaged the entire group. Introverts were speaking.”


University Administration

"I really enjoyed taking Spanish classes with Carolyn. The classes are small and personal. She is a wonderful teacher, both patient and supportive. She really encouraged me to use the language on a regular basis and I have thoroughly developed my skills with her!"

Jackie U.

"I am a mining professional working in Latin America and I needed to improve my Spanish, especially as it relates to the mining industry. Carolyn is very proactive in developing a plan at my level and emphasizing verb tenses and key vocabulary most useful for me."

David Kelley
Golden, Colorado

"When I came home from my first class, my son who studies Spanish in school said," 'Mom, you learned more in your first day than I have all year!'

Mina A
Westminster, Colorado

"After Spanish lessons with Carolina and her encouraging coaching I now feel more comfortable and have fun communicating in Spanish.  Her gentle correction has been invaluable.  She is professional and always provides a variety of exercises to practice the topics presented. She has a thorough knowledge of the culture and language."

Marti S.
Westminster, Colorado

"Carolyn helps me with customer service phone skills. She makes it very practical and interesting for me. I never thought I would be able to do this, but I’m able to get accurate information from Spanish-speaking caller and help people at work."

Front Desk, County Employee

"We've absolutely loved the Spanish classes through The Spanish Trainer.  Carolina is such a stimulating and encouraging teacher, and the curriculum is highly relevant to our work. She customizes it even further in class. I'm just devastated that our class with Carolina has ended, but I heard that we are bringing her back again to give us more practice and skills."

Mary P.
Education and Program Assistant, Denver, Colorado

I can do this!!"

Thornton, CO

Speak Spanish.

The Spanish Trainer: Spanish classes
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Learn Spanish – Spanish immersion – Spanish lessons

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