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Hair and eye colors – describing people

Viernes, 26 de mayo


This week we have been learning how to describe people, places and things. Today we’ll focus specifically on people, especially hair and eyes.
We have had a lot of other great words this week that describe a person’s physical appearance as well as personality. Yesterday was rich in vocabulary!

Describir a una persona





Con el verbo ser:

Soy moreno/a. – I’m dark haired.
Ana es morena. 
– Ana is dark haired.
Victor es moreno. – John is dark haired.


Soy pelirrojo/a. – I have red hair.
Catarina es pelirroja
– Cathryn is red headed.
Juan es pelirrojo. – John is a red head.


Soy rubio/a. – I’m blonde.
Lina es rubia
– Lina is blonde.
Xavier es rubio. – Javier is blonde.

Note: in some countries rubio y moreno also refer to hair, skin and eyes. (fair or dark)


Con el verbo tener:

Tengo / tiene… – I have / He/She has…

…los ojos… – 
_____ eyes.

…azules – blue
…claros – light
…negros – dark brown/black
…oscuros – dark
…verdes – green



Tengo / tiene… – I have / He/She has…

…el pelo… – 
_____ hair.

…castaño – brown
…rubio – blonde
…negro – black
…liso – straight
…ondulado – wavy
…rizado – curly



Tiene… -He has…

…bigote – a moustache
…barba – beard



Llevo / Lleva… – I wear / S/He wears…

…gafas/lentes – glasses



Yo soy rubio/a.
 – I’m blonde.
Tengo los ojos azules. – I have blue eyes.
Tengo el pelo liso. – I have straight hair.
No llevo gafas. – I don’t wear glasses.


Lorenzo es moreno.
– Lorenzo is dark haired.
Tiene los ojos negros. – He has black eyes.
Tiene el pelo corto y rizado. – He has short curly hair.
Tiene bigote. – He has a moustache.


Maricela es pelirroja.
– Maricela is red headed.
Tiene los ojos verdes. – She has green eyes.
Tiene el pelo largo y ondulado. – she has long wavy hair.
Lleva lentes. – She wears glasses.


Action Steps:
1. In your notebook, use the words and the three models above to describe yourself and your of 2 best friends.
2. Have fun!

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