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#17 – Numbers 30-199

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Numbers 30-199
Post 18 of 365

Hey, Welcome to Spanish Blog 365

Hoy es el Post 18 de 365

Today we’re returning to numbers and learning them up to 100, well, 199.

Numbers 30-199
Review post- numbers 0-31

We’ll practice them in the context of business and social communication.
There’ll also be an important tip to really help improve your listening comprehension regarding phone numbers.

To facilitate learning our numbers up to 100, we’ll simply combine numbers 1-9 with the 10’s.

In Spanish it’s equivalent to saying “thirty and one, thirty and two, etc…”

To each of the numbers below, just add “y uno, y dos, y tres, etc…” to count up.
Like this:

30 treinta
31 treinta y uno

40 cuarenta
42  cuarenta y dos

50  cincuenta
55  cincuenta y cinco

60  sesenta
67  sesenta y siete

70 setenta
78  setenta y ocho

80  ochenta
83  ochenta y tres

90 noventa
99  noventa y nueve

100 cien
BUT  101 ciento uno

120 ciento veinte
199 ciento noventa y nueve

1. Pay attention to – 60=sesenta and 70= setenta (alphabetize and you’ll get it right)

2. There are 2 ways to say “hundred”.
If the number is all by itself “100” it is “cien”, but if it is mixed with another number, it’s “ciento.”

3. In English we say 105=a hundred and 5.
In Spanish, leave out the word “and” 105=ciento cinco (NOT a hundred and five)

 Práctica: say these numbers out loud in random order

  1. 35, 48, 72, 89, 61, 96, 57, 23, 104
  2. 98, 99, 100, 101, 102
  3. 180, 150, 120, 112, 190, 160, 130, 190, 140, 175
  4.  Fun with phone numbers! Start by saying your phone number
    número por número”, like this: 303-466-8830


Then in groups like this: 3 03 – 4 66 – 88 30

Like this: tres cero tres – cuatro sesenta y seis – ochenta y ocho treinta


En los Estados Unidos, a Spanish-speaker will group a phone number like this:

If this were your phone number, you’d say: 614-279-4162

six, fourteen, two, seventy-nine, forty-one, sixty two –seis, catorce, dos setenta y nueve, cuarenta y uno, sesenta y dos

Note: Spanish-speakers will group a phone number where we do not!
Pay attention to this grouping and numbers will be lots easier to understand!

6/14 – 2/79- 41/62
seis catorce – dos setenta y nueve – cuarenta y uno, sesenta y dos


 Action Steps:
1. In your journal write a random series of numbers from 0-199, then say them aloud. (not quietly in your head)

2.  Write down 5 phone numbers say them out loud using the pattern above.

3. Tune into local TV and radio to observe how phone numbers are said.

In Denver, listen to these Spanish radio stations:  92.1 FM or 96.5 FM

On the AM dial, listen to 1150 – it’s a Talk Radio Station
(once cincuenta en la frecuencia a eme)


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