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Monday, Workplace Spanish – Libraries

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Lunes, 12 de junio, 2017










Hello and thanks for stopping by Spanish Blog 365 today!

Let’s learn some Spanish for the Library.
Even if you don’t work in a library, these words still add to your overall vocabulary bank and you may be surprised how they show up in other contexts.

20 words and phrases all librarians should know


En la biblioteca – at the library


1. la Biblioteca Pública – the Public Library

2. una sucursal – a branch
En la sucursal del Centro
– At the downtown branch

3. un/a bibliotecario/a – a librarian

4. Una tarjeta de biblioteca – a library card

5. La mesa de control – the check out desk

6. nombre de usuario  – user name

7. La sección / sala de niños – the kids section / room

8. libros infantíles – kids books

9. el programa de lectura de verano – summer reading program

10. sacar / retirar libros – the check out books

11. reservar una computadora – reserve a computer

12. usar la fotocopiadora – use the photocopier
hacer una fotocopia – to make a copy

13. renovar un libro – renew a book

14. un préstamo interbibliotecario – an interlibrary loan

15. los horarios y direcciones – hours and locations

16. materiales descargables – downloadable materials

17. una multa – a fine

18. películas y DVDs – movies and DVDs

19. periódicos y revistas – newspapers and magazines

20. El período de préstamo – the loan period


Action steps: In your 365 Journal, make a list of the above words. Underline words that you think may be handy for you in other situations outside of a library.


Leave me a note and let me know how your Spanish is coming along.

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