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Let’s Talk About Family

Corporate Spanish Trainer

Es viernes, el 16 de junio



This week we’ve been talking numbers. Not a very exciting topic for many, but hugely important and very high frequency.
We need to know numbers.

Today, we’ll move into family. Our numbers will tie in. This is another highly important topic.






1. We’ll need the verb tener – to have

yo tengo – I have
¿Tienes…? – Do you have…?

2. mine and yours

mi – my (mi padre – my dad)
mis – my (mis padres – my parents)

tu – your (tu hermano – your brother)
tus – your (tus hermanos – your brothers and sisters/siblings)


3. La familia

parientes – relatives

padres – parents

abuelos – grandparents

hermanos – siblings

hijos – kids

primos – cousins

tíos – aunts and uncles

sobrinos – nieces and nephews

suegros – parents-in-law

cuñados – brothers/sisters-in-law

nietos – grandkids

novio/a – boyfriend/girlfriend

marido/esposo – husband

esposa/mujer – wife


4. -astro/a
– step

padrastro – step father
madrastra – step mother

hermanasto/a – step brother/sister
hijastro/a – step son/daughter

¿Tienes familia aquí? – Do you have family here?

Sí, tengo mis padres, 2 hermanos y mis dos hijos. ¿y tú?

Tengo un hermano aquí. Mis padres están en México.





Action Steps:
1. Learn the vocabulary to talk about family
2. Practice asking the question: Do you have…siblings?, kids?. etc…

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