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Why learn Spanish?

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Why learn Spanish?

Post 2 of 365
Welcome to…
Day 1 –
Get a notebook and label it: My Spanish Notebook and have a pen handy

Today let’s start with identifying your particular interest in Spanish.

Circle at least 5 words that draw you to the Spanish language:
travel, food, art, music, dance
career development, work,  community
family, friends, neighbors
literature, history, architecture
start a new hobby, polish up your current skills
mental challenge, other

On the first page of your journal, write your 5 main reasons for wanting to learn Spanish. This way you can refer to it often.

Copy your top 5 interests from above Here.  What’s your #1 reason?

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. _______________________________________

4. ______________________________________

5. _______________________________________



Do you want to…
___speak Spanish
___understand & listen
___read Spanish
___write Spanish?

It seems like a funny question, but sometimes people say I just want to speak Spanish.

However, if you incorporate all of these components, you’ll greatly improve your speaking!

What is your experience with Spanish?

A.  None, I’m starting my journey!   (Welcome!)

B.  I had Middle/High school or College Spanish.  (Welcome back!)

C.  I’m currently taking a class, using an app, working through an online program.  I’m in level_____.  (Let’s get you to the next level!)

D.  I grew up hearing Spanish.  I mostly understand it, but I don’t speak/read/write it. (Nice to have you here! You’ll be the one in class with a perfect native accent ((No pressure on you!))

E.  I’ve never studied Spanish. I studied French, German or Italian, etc… (Nice! Welcome to Spanish! You will be the one in class saying Oui instead of Sí and de(du) instead of de…and that’s ok!, We understand you.)

Nice to have all of you here!  I’m excited about sharing this journey with you!

Let’s Continue:

Here are 5 greetings: (with English phonetics in parenthesis – stress the capital letters)

1.   Bienvenidos – Welcome    (be/ain vay NI those)

2.  ¡Hola! – Hello!    (OH la)

3.   Buenos días* – Good morning   (BWAY noss dEE aahs)

4.   Buenas tardes* – Good afternoon or evening   (BWAY nahs TARD days)

5.   Mucho gusto  – Nice to meet you  (MOO cho GOOSE toe)

*OJO – note how it’s Buenos días, but Buenas tardes.

día is masculine in Spanish and tarde is feminine.
Just make the observation and memorize the phrase.  We’ll talk about it more later.

Gracias por acompañarme en el Spanish Blog 365

Hasta mañana, – until tomorrow
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