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142 Irregular verbs in Spanish e-ie

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Learn Irregular verbs in Spanish

Post 142/365
Es martes el 15 de agosto de 2017




Bienvenidos a Post 142. Thanks so much for being here!

This is an exciting week. In fact it’s a exciting next couple weeks for your Spanish. We are continuing with irregular verbs. (we already did “Yo” form)


You know we can run and hide from the word ‘verbs’ and we feel like really running when we hear ‘irregular’ verbs, but Hold On!  You are already using them!
You’ve been using these since the first couple of Posts.


Yo Quiero Taco Bell from the verb querer=to want
No entiendo from the verb entender=to understand and
Yo tengo una prequnta from the verb tener=to have


See you are already rocking these verbs. We are just going to take some time to analyze them.;-) and expand our abilities.

We are going to take 3 days this week with this group (e-ie) and on Thursday I promise you some silly phrases that you wouldn’t be able to say if you didn’t know this group of verbs. Deal?

Here we go.


There are 3 groups of ‘stem-changing’ verbs in Spanish e-ie, o-ue and e-i. This week we’ll focus on e-ie


Today we’ll break them in slowly by introducing vocabulary. Then I’ll put some into context for you.

-ar verbs in this group

cerrar – to close
comenzar – to start/begin
empezar– to start/begin
nevar – to snow
pensar – to think
recomendar – to recommend


-er verbs in this group

encender -to light, to turn on
– understand
obtener – to obtain
perder – to lose
querer – to want or to love
tener – to have


-ir verbs in this group

hervir – to boil
– to prefer
venir – to come


En Contexto

1. Yo voy a cerrar la ventana – I’m going to close the window

2. La junta va a empezar a la una – The meeting’s going to start at 1:00

3. Dicen que va a nevar el sábado – They say it’s going to snow on Saturday

4. Voy a recomendar las pupusas – I’m going to recommend the pupusas

5. Voy a encender la luz – I’m going to turn on the light

6. No quiero perder mis llaves – I don’t want to lose my keys

7. Ella va a querer dos almohadas – She’s going to want 2 pillows

8. Necesitan obtener un pasaporte – They need to get a passport

9. Ellos quieren tener 3 hijos – They want to have 3 kids

10. Yo voy a hervir el agua para el café – I’m going to boil the water for the coffee


Action steps: Start getting familiar with the list of verbs in this group. It’s a very important group and you can see that lots of the verbs here are very important in everyday use.
Next, go back and read En Contexto a few times to let them start sinking in.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing.
We’ll continue these tomorrow.

Gracias y hasta muy pronto,