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#77 – How Many States are in Mexico?

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How many states are in Mexico?

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¿Sabías que México oficialmente se llama “Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos“?
This has been the official name of Mexico since about 1824, you’ll see it on coins, bills and other government materials.
However, in 2012, it was proposed in their Congress to change the name to simply “México”, but that has not yet become official.


México tiene 31 estados y un Distrito Federal, la Ciudad de México. (el D.F)

Aquí tienes una lista de los estados mexicanos en orden alfabético:

1. Aguascalientes
2. Baja California
3. Baja California Sur
4. Campeche
5. Coahuila
6. Colima
7. Chiapas
8. Chihuahua
9. Distrito Federal (el D.F)
10. Durango
11. Guanajuato (San Miguel de Allende)
12. Guerrero
13. Hidalgo
14. Jalisco (Guadalajara es la capital)
15. México
16. Michoacán
17. Morelos
18. Nayarit
19. Nuevo León
20. Oaxaca
21. Puebla
22. Querétaro
23. Quintana Roo (Cancún)
24. San Luis Potosí
25. Sinaloa
26. Sonora
27. Tabasco
28. Tamaulipas
29. Tlaxcala
30. Veracruz
31. Yucatán
32. Zacatecas


As you meet people from Mexico ask:

¿De qué estado es Ud? – formal
¿De qué estado eres?– informal

¿Dónde está? – Where is it?
¿Cómo es? – What’s it like?


Action steps:
1. Look for a map of Mexico that shows the states
2. What are your favorite travel destinations in Mexico and what state(s) are they in?
3. Make an effort to ask your current friends from Mexico what state they are from and find out a little about their state and home town. They’ll really love that you’ve taken the time to ask.
4. Make some new friends from Mexico and find out about their home state.

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