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#222 – How do you say ‘hot’ in Spanish?

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How do you say ‘hot’ in Spanish?

Depends on what you are talking about.





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¿Cómo se dice hot en español?

Depende – It depends



There are 3 main words to say hot in Spanish


Hay 3 palabras principales para expresar ‘hot‘ en español.

1. calor

2. caliente

3. picante



Hot for air or body temperature


Hot – calor

To describe air temperature or body heat

OJO – Do NOT use ‘ser’ or ‘estar‘ when talking about people and heat. Instead use either ‘Hace’ or ‘Tener’.


– weather or temperature inside a building

Hace calor – It’s hot
Hace frío – It’s cold

¡Qué calor! – What heat!, How hot it is!…complain, complain

Hoy hace mucho calor. La temperatura está a 100 grados. No hay nubes. (clouds)

¡Qué calor! El aire acondicionado no funciona.



Body heat
– due to weather, room temperature or fever

Tengo calor -I’m hot (because it’s a 100 degrees outside or I have a fever)
Tengo frío – I’m cold


¡Qué calor tengo! – How hot I am (because it’s 100 degrees and the air conditioning isn’t working properly)



2. Hot to the touch

Hot – caliente

To to indicate hot to the touch (things)



with the verb ‘estar‘ because it is a temporary state. It will cool (quickly).

Con cuidado, los platos están calientes. – Careful, plates are hot. (en un restaurante)

El café no está caliente. – The coffee is not hot. It has cooled down.



Hot – to describe your favorite Rock star (people)

*OJO* – ¡Con cuidado! Use with the verb ‘ser‘, NOT ‘estar’

You may want to avoid using caliente with people and especially yourself.

Instead say…
Angela es muy bonita / atractiva / linda
Miguel es muy guapo / atractivo

However, in media, you do hear them say that…

Luis Fonsi or Jennifer López, etc… es muy caliente or that their music… Su música es muy caliente

Again, be sure to use ‘ser’, or just stay away from using caliente to describe people in polite company.




Spicy hot in Spanish

Hot – picante or picoso/a

Used to say spicy hot (foods)

picoso/a is often heard in Mexico and the Southwest of the United States

Use with the verb ‘ser’ because it indicates a characteristic of the food or chile. It’s not temperature.


¿Es muy picante la salsa? – Is the salsa very hot? (spicy)
¿Es picosa la salsa? – Is the salsa hot? (spicy)

¿Cuál es más picante / picoso? ¿el chile verde o el rojo?

En Colorado, por lo general, el chile verde es más picante / picoso.
En Nuevo México, el chile rojo es más picante.

Estos chiles poblanos no son muy picantes.
Estos jalapeños son muy picantes / picosos.



Action steps: Listen for and use these 3 words. They are high frequency.

Leave me a comment. Let me know how your Spanish is coming along and if you have any questions or would like to see a topic addressed in these Posts. I’d love to hear from you!

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