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Home Repair in Spanish

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Home Repair in Spanish

20 Key words to talk about home repair in Spanish
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Get your notebook, you’ll want it today!

When it is the 1st day of a month, in Spanish the ordinal number is used. The rest of the month we use cardinal numbers.
el primero de mayo, el primero de junio, but el 5 de mayo el 15 de junio, etc…


It’s Springtime, it’s the time of year that we are thinking about our house and fixing things up.
Today we’ll start outside of the house.

This vocabulary is for you if:
-you work in this industry
-you are the consumer and may have Spanish-speaking contractors involved in the work
-you are learning Spanish and want to build your overall vocabulary

La casa – the house
renovar – to renovate
las renovaciones – the renovations
reparar – repair


contratar – to hire
los trabajadores – the workers
seguro – insurance
un reclamo de seguro – an insurance claim


el tejado – the roof/roofing
canaletas / canalones – gutters (on the roof)
el garaje – the garage
la puerta de garaje – the garage door


pintar / la pintura – to paint / paint
las ventanas – windows
los ladrillos – the bricks
la cerca – the fence


el jardín – the garden
la jardinería – gardening or landscaping
los árboles – the trees
los arbustos – the bushes
el césped / el zacate / el pasto – the lawn / grass


Action Step: In your notebook, sketch out the view of a house as if standing in to street in front.
Using as many words above, label the different parts. Get out some colored pencils, if you are inclined, and add some color to the garden, etc…


Gracias por pasar por aquí el día de hoy.
Hasta mañana