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Core + Conversation
classes for individualS

Small Group Classes
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The ‘Core’ Structures for everyday needs.
Plus, lively ‘Conversation’ practice so you become confident and Fluent.


  • Are 6-weeks per level
  • Meet once a week
  • One and a half hours per week
  • Daytime and Evening classes offered
  • $349 per 6-week class
  • Includes your book
  • Bring a friend or Register for 2 classes and Save $100!
Corporate Language Training
Better Communication is
Better Business
Train your Staff with language customized to your industry and needs.

The results are:

  • Better customer service
  • Employees educated on the vocabulary of safety issues
  • Employees that can communicate equipment problems
  • Better connected workplace teams
  • Increased confidence
  • Prepared for international travel and conferences


A Flexible Schedule That
Works For You.
  • Don’t worry about missing a class because you’re out of town!
  • A busy schedule or frequent travel is not a reason to put off learning to speak Spanish
  • Classes can be held at your office, our office or via webinar
  • $595 for six, 90-minute classes – includes materials
  • Classes tailored exactly to your language needs
  • Any level, beginning -advanced

Imagine yourself saying…

“Sí, yo hablo español.”


  • Participating in flowing conversations
  • Ordering at your favorite Latin Flavor restaurant
  • Interacting with locals wherever your travels take you

You absolutely can!

“Adults are Excellent language learners!”

…Contrary to what you may have heard.


Preguntas Más Frecuentes

  • We are a year-round school and do not follow a traditional school schedule – you can take classes in December and in July
  • New classes start every 2-3 weeks, all year, including summer
  • Core + Conversation classes last 6-weeks each.
  • Classes are a set schedule so you join at the beginning of a class and continue for 6 consecutive weeks.


We are closed for classes on the following Holidays:

  • New Year’s
  • Martin Luther King’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween (evening classes)
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
  • Between December 23rd and January 3rd

If your class falls on one of these holidays, your class will be extended or a make-up class will be arranged


The Classroom time is the MOST important!!

NEVER Miss a class because you didn’t have time to do homework during the week!

We understand that you are busy. You’re an adult: work, kids, family, etc…Our classes are designed with your busy schedule in mind!

Your course book has a homework section at the end of every chapter. It’s about 20-30 minutes per week.

We offer additional suggestions to practice Spanish between classes so that you can integrate it into your life rather than carving out extra study time.

Even if you didn’t do your homework and feel behind, NEVER miss a class because of it. We will never make you feel bad for having not done homework!!!


No it is not.

Although the small group classes are held at the local Library, we are not associated with them nor the College.

That being said…

The Spanish Trainer classes are just as academic as a University class, in that we teach grammar and a standard Spanish.

However, our focus is on conversation and practical usage.
It’s no good to know how to conjugate verbs if you can’t get them into conversation. 

We work hard to help you move ‘academics’ to ‘practical, everyday conversation that you use’.

We teach regional differences so you are prepared wherever your travels take you. 

Our program is well rounded program and will serve you well for all your needs: Work, Social, Travel.

There are no tests and no grades, well, we might have vocab quizes…, just a heads up!! 😉


We hope you do! We’ll understand each other well!

Spanish is such a beautiful language.
Whatever your interest, explore it through language.

Practice your Spanish through your love of music, dance, food, history, travel or just plain language.
Language is fascinating. You’ll learn a lot about English as you study Spanish.

There are so many benefits of learning Spanish.

For me, one of the best parts is the people. I’ve encountered and had great conversations with Spanish-speakers in Berlin, Germany, Fiji, Japan, Pennsylvania and Office Max.
If I hadn’t of know Spanish, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to or help these folks.

Oh, yea, and one more thing. Living in Denver and the Southwest is such an exciting place to be learning Spanish.

You can use it pretty much everyday!

POLICY: Registration, refunds, missing class, snow

You must Pre-register Online before the start of your class.

Some classes fill up, so it’s a good idea to register early. 

At the end of a 6-week class, you can go right into the next level, keeping the same day and time of your current class.

Sometimes we take a week off in between levels. 

If you need more time off between levels for any reason, you can easily find another time or day at your level by checking the Schedule when you are ready to come back to classes.

Taking time off mid-class
If you need to stop taking classes during a 6-week session, (for any reason) we will be happy to hold your space for 6 months. You can return when you are ready.

Classes are a set schedule. It’s important to check your schedule before you register for a class.

With a 48-hour advance notice, we’ll try to find a make-up class for you: it may be in the form of a 1-hour online webinar session or an In-person regularly scheduled class if one is available at your level.  The class needs to be made up within 3 weeks of the missed class. We will honor this only once in a 6-week session.

With less than 48-hour advance notice, class will be forfeited. You’ll have your book and know how to prepare for the next week. We’d be happy to direct you to our online resources for self-study on the missed session.

You’ll benefit greatly from your classes at The Spanish Trainer, however, if for any reason, you do not feel that it is a good fit for you, you may request a refund ON THE 1ST DAY either:

  • In-person, after class
  • Via phone by calling 303-466-8830 (leave message) or
  • E-mail: [email protected]

WE MUST receive your request WITHIN 24-hours. 

*After 24-hours, the class is in progress and refunds are NOT an option for ANY reason*
*With a 24-hour refund request, you will receive the amount paid, less a $50 fee*

If local cities and government close due to bad weather, we will also cancel a class.
If your class is cancelled due to weather, we will extend your class or arrange a make-up with you.


The Core + Conversation classes are Small Group: Generally 3-8 students


No problem!
In fact, Excellent! 

We love beginning students. It’s a specialty of ours! We get so excited about sharing the world of Spanish with you. You’ll learn things that will stay with you and reward you for life!

If you’ve had French, German or any other foreign language, it will serve you well in your Spanish studies. You may say ‘oui’ instead of ‘sí’, but that’s OK, we’ll still understand you!


OLDER? How much older?
Older than 85? That’s the oldest student I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He was awesome. He did such a great job learning. He went on a South American vacation with a friend and came home all smiles about how he navigated the market places and ordered in restaurants, all the while charming locals.

DON’T play the age card with me! It won’t work! You can do it!

Adults are amazing language learners! I’ve worked with adults that have become fluent at age 30, 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

Age is no excuse.
Besides, language learning is good for your brain, your intellectual life and your social life. 
Never Stop Learning!!

By reading the Spanish Blog 365!

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"I am a mining professional working in Latin America and I needed to improve my Spanish, especially as it relates to the mining industry. Carolyn is very proactive in developing a plan at my level and emphasizing verb tenses and key vocabulary most useful for me."

David Kelley
Golden, Colorado

"When I came home from my first class, my son who studies Spanish in school said," 'Mom, you learned more in your first day than I have all year!'

Mina A
Westminster, Colorado

"After classes with Carolina and her encouraging coaching I now feel more comfortable and have fun communicating in Spanish.  Her gentle correction has been invaluable.  She is professional and always provides a variety of exercises to practice the topics presented. She has a thorough knowledge of the culture and language."  

Marti S.
Westminster, Colorado

"Carolyn helps me with customer service phone skills. She makes it very practical and interesting for me. I never thought I would be able to do this, but I’m able to get accurate information from Spanish-speaking caller and help people at work."

Front Desk, County Employee

"We've absolutely loved the Spanish classes through The Spanish Trainer.  Carolina is such a stimulating and encouraging teacher, and the curriculum is highly relevant to our work. She customizes it even further in class. I'm just devastated that our class with Carolina has ended, but I heard that we are bringing her back again to give us some more practice and skills."

Mary P.
Education and Program Assistant, Denver, Colorado

I can do this!!"

Thornton, CO

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