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lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017


Welcome to Monday’s Business Spanish Post. Since we have talked about home repair the several weeks, today we’ll talk about buying or selling a home.
Here is some key industry vocabulary.
Remember: Business Spanish is Everyone’s Spanish. Even if we don’t work in the field, we probably utilize their services or at least it will help us to recognize more words when listening to T.V and radio in Spanish.

casa – house
– home
el sueño americano – the american dream

1. La industria hipotecaria  – the mortgage industry

2. Un/a banquero/a hipotecario/a  – a mortgage banker

3. Una hipoteca  – a mortgage

4. Un préstamo  – a loan

5. La tasa de interés  – the interest rate

6. Una tasa fija  – a fixed rate

7. Una tasa ajustable  – an adjustable rate

8. El plazo  – the term

9. ingresos  – income

10. La Administración Federal de Vivienda  – FHA

11. comprar – to buy

12. vender – to sell

13. los costos de cierre – closing costs

14. enganche – down payment

15. la casa de sus sueños – the house of your dreams

16. una casa en venta – a house for sale

17. una inversión – an investment

18. cobrar – to charge

19. el banco – the bank

20. un agente de bienes raíces – a real estate agent

21. propietario/a – owner

Action Steps:
1. In your notebook, write down key words that you’ll like to incorporate into your vocabulary.
2. Tune into Spanish radio and T.V and try to identify some of the words being used in the commercials.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing with your Spanish. I’d love to hear from you.

Gracias y hasta mañana

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