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#236 – Compound words in Spanish

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Compound words in Spanish

How to recognize them, how they are formed.

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Viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017



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Today let’s look at compound words. These are some of my favorite words in Spanish.


Compound words in Spanish

Las palabras compuestas


Here are some great everyday compound words in Spanish

1. rascacielos – skyscraper

2. parabrisas – windshield

3. abrelatas – can opener

4. paraguas – umbrella

5. lavaplatos – dishwasher



The way a compound word is formed in Spanish is like this

the first part is a verb
the second a noun


Por ejemplo:

1. rascacielos is made up of the verb rascar-to scrape or scratch and the noun cielosky (scrape the sky)

2. parabrisas is parar-to stop and brisas-breezes

3. abrelatas is abrir-to open and latas-cans  

4. paraguas is parar-to stop the waters

5. lavaplatos is lavar-to wash the plates/dishes



More Compounds Words in Spanish


Here are some others. Can you guess what they mean?

6. sacacorchossacar-to take out, corchos-cork

7. rompecabezasromper-to break, cabeza-head

8. girasolgirar-to turn, sol-sun

9. tocadiscostocar-to play, disco-disc

10. salvavidassalvar-to save, vidas-life

11. cazatalentoscazar-to hunt, talentos-talent

12. saltamontes saltar-to jump, montes-mountain



Extra credit triple compound word


Look below for a translation, if needed, and the extra credit triple compound word



Action steps: Keep your eyes open for compound words in Spanish. There are a lot of them! Find the verb, see the noun.





6. sacacorchoscorkscrew

7. rompecabezas – a puzzle

8. girasol – a sunflower

9. tocadiscos – record or a CD player

10. salvavidas – lifesaver

11. cazatalentos – talent hunter or cazacabezas=head hunter

12. saltamontes – a grasshopper



Extra credit triple compound word

Limpiaparabrisas – windshieldwipers (limpiar + parar + brisas)

Fotopicaflor = picar-to peck + flor=flower = a hummingbird


Do you have a favorite compound word in Spanish? Leave me a note and let me know.

Muchas gracias y hasta mañana,