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Thanks so much for stopping by today. Monday’s are our Workplace and Business Spanish where you’ll learn key words related to different industries.
Remember, that even if you don’t work in this field you may still use the products or services and therefore these key words will benefit you, too!


Today is Barista Spanish




Soy barista. Trabajo en un café.

¿Qué te puedo hacer / preparar? – What can I make / prepare for you?

Me gustaría un café espreso con crema. – I’d like an espresso with cream.

¿Un doble o uno sencillo? – a double / single

Un doble, por favor. Gracias. 



un vaso / una taza – a glass / a cup
una taza de café, por favor.


los granos de café – coffee beans

el tostado claro /oscuro – light roast / dark roast

cafeinado /descafeinado – caffeinated / decaf


caliente / frío – hot / cold

con hielo / sin hielo – with ice / without ice

dulce / sin azúcar – sweet / without sugar



extra shot de espreso – and extra shot of espresso

12 onzas – 12 ounces


leche entera / leche descremada – whole milk / skim milk

crema / media crema – cream / half and half

crema batida – whipped cream

leche al vapor / espuma de leche – steamed milk / foamed milk


sabores / jarabes – flavors / syrups

un toque de… – a touch of…


…vainilla – …vanilla

…avellano – …hazelnut

…caramelo / dulce de leche – …caramel

…frambuesa – …raspberry

…menta – …peppermint

…moca – …mocha

…canela – …cinnamon


Quisiera una taza de café. Prefiero el tostado oscuro– I would like a cup of coffee. I prefer the dark roast.

¿Y para Usted? – And for you?


Dame un café latte con leche descremada y un toque de jarabe avellano, por favor. – Give me a cafe latte with skim milk and a touch of hazelnut syrup, please.


¿Es para aquí o para llevar? – Is it for here or to go?

Para llevar – To go


Hay servilletas y popotes allí en la mesa. – There are napkins and straws over there on the table.


Propinas – tips


Action step: Try to find a little coffee shop or bakery that serves coffee in a Spanish-speaking part of town. Go in and order a cup. Enjoy.
Alternative: While travelling through Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico or Central /South America, find a little café and order a cup. Happy travels.

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