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#194 – Build Vocabulary fast in Spanish

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Build Vocabulary fast in Spanish

Take a topic, learn just 10 words or phrases

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Es viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017



Thanks for stopping by today.

Today we’ll take 3 topics and learn 10 words or phrases in each. Some may be new and others a a review.

Learning just 10 words or phrases in a topic is a great way to build a lot of vocabulary fast.
Perhaps make it a goal to take 10 topics of your choice and learn 10 words that relate to each. Here’s how!



En un restaurante – at a restaurant

Tengo hambre – I’m hungry.

¡Huele delicioso! – Smells good/delicious!

¿Qué vas a pedir? – What are you going to order?

Voy a probar el aguacate a la parrilla – I’m going try the grilled avocado

el / la mesero/a
– the waiter/waitress

¿Qué toman Uds? – What are you all having?

Quisiera una margarita – I would like a margarita

antojitos / botanas – appetizers

La cuenta, por favor. – The check, please.

la propina– the tip




La tecnología – technology

Una computadora – a computer

La pantalla – the screen

Teléfono móvil/celular – cellphone

La red – the internet

Correo electrónico – e-mail

La contraseña – the password

Nombre de usuario – user name

Una base de datos  – a data base

mandar – to send

guardar – to save




Descripción con el verbo ser – Description with the verb ser

alto/bajo – high/low or tall/short

largo/corto  – long/short

fácil/difícil – easy/hard

pesado/ligero – heavy/light (weight)

lleno/vacío – full/empty

dulce/agrio – sweet/sour

agradable/amigable – pleasant/friendly

chistoso/serio – funny/serious

rubio/a – blonde

moreno/a – dark haired (eyed)


Action steps: What 10 topics do you want to build vocabulary around? Newspaper and magazine articles on that topic can be a great place to look for your 10 words.

Leave me a comment and talk to me about your Spanish. I’d love to hear from you.

Gracias y hasta ma;ana,