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#184 – Affirmative and Negative words in Spanish

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Affirmative and Negative words in Spanish

In Spanish, double and triple negatives are O.K.



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Es martes, 26 de septiembre de 2017




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Today at Spanish Blog 365 we are going to learn about Affirmative and Negative words. These are great to know. We have already been using many of them in our Posts, but now it’s time to learn them all and see how they help our conversational ability expand. Today I’ll introduce the vocabulary in the form of opposites – that’ll make them easier to memorize. Tomorrow we are going to look at these in various situations and see how they tie into the ‘personal a‘ that we learned last week.



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Affirmative and Negative words in Spanish


Palabras afirmativas y negativas en español



Note: The affirmative word appears first, then the negative in the following pairs.


1. siempre / nunca – always / never

2. también / tampoco – also, too / neither

3. algo / nada – something / nothing

4. alguno,a,os,as / ninguno,a,os,as – some / none

5. alguien / nadie – sombody / nobody, no one

6. o…o / ni…ni – either…or / neither…nor

7. pero / sino – but / rather




Notas y modelos: 


A. algo / nada refer only to things

No hay nada en la nevera para comer. – there’s nothing in the fridge to eat.



B. alguien / nadie refer only to people

No conozco a nadie en esta fiesta. – I don’t know anyone at this party.



C. alguno / ninguno can refer to people or things

Ella tiene algunas ideas muy buenas. – She has some really good ideas.

Ella tiene algunos compañeros que hablan español en su trabajo. – She has some co-workers  that speak Spanish at her work.



D.  también y tampoco

Yo estudio español y tú también. – I study Spanish and you too. (affirmative)

Él no bebe y su esposa tampoco. – He doesn’t drink and his wife doesn’t either. (negative)



Action steps: There are 7 sets of opposites. Start to memorize them. We’ll continue with these tomorrow.



Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear how you are doing with your Spanish!


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