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My Name Is Carolyn

I’ve been teaching Spanish to adults for 18 years and have had the great pleasure of working with over 4,800 students from diverse backgrounds and occupations. I’ve seen 30, 40, 50 and 60+ year old’s become fluent in Spanish. If that is your goal, you can, too!

If you want to speak and think Spanish, it’s my passion and mission to get you there.

Whatever level of Spanish you want to acquire, the goal at The Spanish Trainer is to:

  • Teach immediately useful language that you’ll start using right away.
  • Help you bring your current knowledge to fluid, conversational confidence
  • Explain to you and support you through the adult language learning process
  • Work hard, have fun, build serious language skills
  • Increase cultural & regional understanding of language and people.

My Bachelor’s Degree is in Spanish Language & Literature.
I Studied At The University Of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras,
Just Outside of San Juan.

In addition to academic experience, I have lots of real-life Spanish experience from travels to Mexico, South America, Spain, and through interaction with our local Spanish-speakers through business and education, teaching both Spanish and English as a Second Language.

Sometimes students say “I want a native teacher.” This is a valid request. However, as a non- native Spanish-speaker I’d like to address this. The UN is the largest employer of translators and interpreters and they hire both native and non-native speakers. They cite that both native and non-native are excellent. They go on to say that non-native speakers have studied, analyzed and looked at their second (or third) language at a depth that we don’t usually do with our first, native language.

Always engaging and never boring!

Always engaging and never boring!

As a non-native Spanish-speaker/teacher, in addition to being able to teach you grammar, vocabulary, listening and conversational skills, I can also offer you insight on the process of learning Spanish as an English speaker and common pitfalls that we encounter. I offer unique pronunciation tips and fun ways to get words rolling. We’ll even talk about regional accent and vocabulary differences. As a second language learner myself, I can help you understand and get through thick native accents to improve your listening comprehension.

No one program or teacher is “complete.” It’s important to get language from a variety of sources. There are lots of great ways to incorporate the listening and speaking to native Spanish-speakers into your program. I highly recommend that you listen to a variety of people speak Spanish – kids, adults, men, women, natives and non-natives. Everyone has their unique speaking style and by listening to a variety of people you’ll expand your ability to understand

Many students who have had Spanish before say that they can “understand it” but just “can’t get the words out to speak it.”
Although it’s very frustrating, this is a ‘phase’, a natural part of the language learning process that we all experience.
Do not see it as a sign that you ‘can’t learn Spanish.’ That’s not true at all! It’s a phase that you’ll pass through on your way to
conversational confidence and fluency.  In Class we do lots of exercises to help bring your skills to a verbal conversational place,
and we have lots of fun in the process!

Whether your goal is to:

  • Gain key vocabulary and communication skills for specific situations like work or travel
  • Simply have fun, explore culture, learn Spanish and challenge your mind or
  • Reach full fluency…

…My mission and passion are your language success!

“Language is infinite.
Let’s bring it down to the
finite so you can go explore the infinite!”

“Language is infinite.
Let’s bring it down to the finite so you can go explore the infinite!”

My students are manufacturers, geologists, tech industry folks, doctors, nurses, dentists, pilots, semi-professional baseball players, engineers, mining equipment designers, teachers and superintendents of public schools, retired people looking for a focused mental challenge, moms, dads, travelers, social workers, paramedics, firefighters, real estate agents and mortgage brokers, restaurant and hotel staff, documentary film makers, dancers, artists, and librarians. People just like you!

Classes are small and interactive. Students say that classes challenge them in great way. We work hard in class learning new vocabulary and sentence structures, then practicing them in conversation. We use real-life experiences that you bring to class to gain deeper understanding. Activities enhance your life in general and your Spanish speaking confidence.

You’ll learn how to create an “immersion” experience for yourself right here in town!

Give yourself time, practice, opportunity and experience. You’ll see real results!

Let’s get started and get you to the next level! 

I look forward to working with you in class!



Learning To Speak Spanish... It's All About The People We Meet Along The Way!

"I really enjoyed taking Spanish classes with Carolyn. The classes are small and personal. She is a wonderful teacher, both patient and supportive. She really encouraged me to use the language on a regular basis and I have thoroughly developed my skills with her!"

Jackie U.

"I am a mining professional working in Latin America and I needed to improve my Spanish, especially as it relates to the mining industry. Carolyn is very proactive in developing a plan at my level and emphasizing verb tenses and key vocabulary most useful for me."

David Kelley
Golden, Colorado

"When I came home from my first class, my son who studies Spanish in school said," 'Mom, you learned more in your first day than I have all year!'

Mina A
Westminster, Colorado

"After Spanish lessons with Carolina and her encouraging coaching I now feel more comfortable and have fun communicating in Spanish.  Her gentle correction has been invaluable.  She is professional and always provides a variety of exercises to practice the topics presented. She has a thorough knowledge of the culture and language."

Marti S.
Westminster, Colorado

"Carolyn helps me with customer service phone skills. She makes it very practical and interesting for me. I never thought I would be able to do this, but I’m able to get accurate information from Spanish-speaking caller and help people at work."

Front Desk, County Employee

"We've absolutely loved the Spanish classes through The Spanish Trainer.  Carolina is such a stimulating and encouraging teacher, and the curriculum is highly relevant to our work. She customizes it even further in class. I'm just devastated that our class with Carolina has ended, but I heard that we are bringing her back again to give us more practice and skills."

Mary P.
Education and Program Assistant, Denver, Colorado

I can do this!!"

Thornton, CO

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