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Más Gustos – Muy Social – Parte 3

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Es jueves, el 4 de mayo de 2017

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Do you ever get huevos y jueves mixed up? I do!
One time I ordered Thursdays Rancheros, then another time I said, Today is eggs.

Then I said, Estoy embarazada.
I thought I was saying “I’m embarrassed”, but in Spanish “Estoy emabarazada” means “I’m pregnant.” Then I was really embarrassed!

My friend helped me out.
She said, say “Tengo vergüenza” – I’m embarrassed. or
“¡Qué vergüenza!” – How embarrassing!


Back to our likes and dislikes. Today we’re going to talk about like things that are singular or plural. For example:

Me gusta apio. – I like celery.
Me gustan fresas. – I like strawberries.

In English we say I like celery, but in Spanish the literal translation is…Celery is pleasing to me.
In English we say I like strawberries, but in Spanish the literal translation is…Strawberries are pleasing to me.

is and are – singular and plural

Me gusta – singular
Me gustan – plural


Singular: Me gusta… / Me encanta…
…cilantro – cilantro
…cebolla – onion
…ajo – garlic
…chile picante – spicy chile
…chile verde – green chile
…chile colorado/rojo – red chile
…mole poblano – mole de Puebla, MX
…guacamole -guacamole
…queso – cheese
…miel – honey

¿y a ti? – and to you? (is it pleasing?)


Plural: Me gustan… / Me encantan
…totopos y salsa – chips and salsa
…comidas picantes – spicy foods
…los vinos argentinos – Argentinean wines
…las cervezas mexicanas – mexican beers
…los panes italianos – italian breads
…sopapillas – sopapillas
…las frutas tropicales – tropical fruits
…mangos – mangos

…las islas caribeñas – Caribbean islands
…las montañas – the mountains
…los museos de arte – art museums
¿y a ti? – and to you?


NOTE: The above is stating preferences, NOT saying what you would like (to order)

To say what you would like to order using this, say…

Me gustaría… or Me gustarían… I would like… This is similar to “Quisiera” that we had back in the 1st week of Posts.


To order in a restaurant you could say:

Quiero un taco, por favor. – I want…
Quisiera un taco, por favor. – I would like…
Me gustaría un taco, por favor. – I would like…


Quiero 2 tacos, por favor. – I want…
Quisiera 2 tacos, por favor. – I would like…
Me gustarían 2 tacos, por favor. – I would like…

It is only the gustaría or gustarían that changes. The others don’t.


Action Steps:
1. Write in your notebook 4 things that you like that are singular and 4 things that are plural.
2. Practice with the various ways of ordering at a restaurant. The go out and do it!


Thanks so much for being here. Let me know if you have any questions about today’s Post.


I’d love to hear from you!

Muchas gracias y hasta manaña

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