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#234 – Reflexive verbs in Spanish – to get or to become

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Reflexive verbs in Spanish – to get or to become

Part 2

Using reflexive verbs to show a change in emotions or physical health. ‘Cuando te veo me pongo muy feliz’









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Yesterday we started the 4th use of reflexive verbs – How to express ‘to get’ in Spanish.


Today we’ll expand on that.

When we want to say ‘to get’ or ‘to become’ in the sense of wanting to show a change of emotional state, physical well-being, marital status and even ‘to become’ when we are referring to career.

Here are some reflexive verbs that will express this:

ponerse – to get or to become + an adjective* to show what emotion or state of health

*ponerse…to get or to become…

…enfermo/a – sick
…enojado/a – mad

…triste – sad
…contento/a – happy

…pálido – (to turn) pale
…rojo/a – (to turn) red


enfermarse…to get sick

enojarse…to get mad
enfadarse…to get mad


aburrirse…to become bored

dormirse…to fall asleep


enamorarse…to fall in love

casarse…to get married

divorciarse…to get divorced

hacerse – to become a certain career or title


1. Alex se pone enfermo. – Alex is getting sick.


2. Alex se enferma. – Alex is getting sick.


3. Cuando tengo vergüeza, me pongo roja. – When I’m embarrassed, I turn red.

4. Sandra está enferma. Se pone muy pálida. – She’s sick. She’s pale.

5. Ellos no se enojan facilmente. – They don’t get mad easily.

6. Me duermo. – I’m falling asleep.

7. Rosa se enamora. – Rosa is falling in love.

8. Carlos quiere hacerse biólogo marino. Su hermana estudia para hacerse farmaceútica.
Carlos wants to become a marine biologist. His sister is studying to be a pharmacist.

Action steps: Take the above examples and rework the subject a few times, changing the verb to agree.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any questions.

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