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#177- 18 Expressions to know in Spanish

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Expressions in Spanish
Here are 18 great phrases to know in Spanish


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Es martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017

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No sé
– I don’t know                          No recuerdo – I don’t remember

Buena idea – good idea                     De acuerdo – I agree

yo también – me, too                         yo tampoco – me, neither

¿Qué pasa? – What’s happening?     ¿Qué pasó? – What’s the matter?

Depende – It dependes…                  Está bien – That’s O.K.

Creo que sí – I think so                      Creo que no – I don’t think so

¿Verdad? – really?                             Por supuesto – of course

¡Salud! – Bless you                            Felicitaciones – congratulations

Buen viaje – Have a nice trip             Buen provecho – eat up! (enjoy your meal)



Action steps: Pick several of the expressions from above that you’d like to memorize and jot them in your Journal.

Stop back again tomorrow to learn more Spanish to add to your conversations.

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