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132 – Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

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Ordinal Numbers in Spanish – los números ordinales

Post 132/365
Es sábado, el 5 de agosto de 2017


Welcome to Spanish Blog 365 and thanks so much for stopping by.

In today’s Post we’ll learn ordinal numbers and how to abbreviate them.


Ordinal Numbers in Spanish – just as it says, we’re putting things in order.

Ordinal numbers are used much more in English then they are in Spanish.
For example:


August 5th, February 19th, etc…
Spanish uses ‘cardinal numbers’ for dates: el 5 de mayo, el 14 de febrero


Street names:
Está en la calle 136 – It’s on the Street 136
English: It’s on 136th Street



Ordinal numbers in Spanish – first thru tenth

Los números ordinales en español

primero/a  (1ro/a)         first  (1st)

segundo/a  (2do/a)      second  (2nd)

tercero/a  (3ro/a)           third  (3rd)

cuarto/a   (4to/a)         
fourth (4th)

quinto/a   (5to/a)         fifth (5th)

sexto/a   (6to/a)            sixth     (6th)

séptimo/a   (7mo/a)    seventh  (7th)

octavo/a  (8vo/a)         eigth (8th)

noveno/a  (9no/a)       ninth (9th)

décimo/a  (10mo/a)   tenth (10th)


1. Notice how séptimo, octavo, noveno y décimo look like … septiembre, octubre, noviembre, diciembre
these were the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th month.


2. Abbreviations: In English we take the last two letters of the word to make the abbreviation. first 1st, second 2nd, etc…
In Spanish it’s the same.
Primero 1ro, segundo 2do, octavo 8vo, etc…


OJO: sometimes Spanish only uses the last letter. 1o or 1a for primero / primera or 5o or 5a for quinto / quinta


3. Primero  and tercero drop the final -o in front of a masculine noun.

el primer día
el tercer mes


4. All of these numbers have a feminine form depending on what is being described as well as a plural form.

El primer piso
La primera puerta

El tercer libro
La tercera idea

El séptimo mes
La sépitma sesión

Action Steps: Note these in your journal. Go back and say them several times. Do the Práctica below

1. My 1st car (coche)

2. His 2nd birthday (cumpleaños)

3. Our 5th aniversary (aniversario)

4. Their 10th time (vez)

5. For the 3rd time (vez)

6. The 8th floor (piso)

7. The 4th street (calle)

8. Her 1st class (clase)

9. The 6th month (mes)

10. The 9th episode (episodio)


Gracias y hasta mañana,


1. My 1st car (coche) . Mi primer coche

2. His 2nd birthday (cumpleaños) – Su segundo cumpleaños

3. Our 5th aniversary (aniversario) – Nuestro quinto aniversario

4. Their 10th time (vez)  Su décima vez

5. For the 3rd time (vez) – Por la tercera vez

6. The 8th floor (piso) – El octavo piso

7. The 4th street (calle) – La cuarta calle

8. Her 1st class (clase) – Su primera clase

9. The 6th month (mes) – El sexto mes

10. The 9th episode (episodio) – El noveno episodio