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10 Words for Landscapers in Spanish

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10 Words for landscapers in Spanish

It’s workplace Spanish day.
Just knowing 10 key words in your (or any industry) can really help you out with communication with Spanish-speakers.

10 words for landscapers

1. La jardinería – landscaping
2. el / la jardinero/a – landscaper


3. el césped – the lawn
el zacate – grass (pasture)
el pasto – grass
la hierba – grass


4. el cortacésped – the lawnmower
el cortazacate – the lawnmower


5. quitar o arrancar la maleza – pull out the weeds / overgrowth
las malas hierbas – weeds


6. recorta alrededor de la acera/banqueta – trim around the sidewalk


7. sopla el zacate/la hierba de la acera/banqueta – blow the grass off the sidewalk


8. cuidado con las cabezas de rociador – careful with the sprinkler heads


9. un equipo / una tripulación – a team or the equipment / the crew


10. el centro de reciclaje – recycling center


Action steps: If you are not in the landscaping industry, find at least 8 words here that you can apply to your life or another situation outside of landscaping. Note them in your Spanish notebook.